Servo inverter

The inverter NF-INV3 controller serves to reverse the servo movement direction i.e. the sense of turning. This functionality is usually part of all RC transmitters nowadays; however, there are still applications for this kind of controllers. Especially for mirror movement controlled by one channel and where a mechanical solution is not simple. In ship modeling the INV3 can be used for opening of two-wing hatches, covers and gates. As to flying models, it is necessary in many cases to use a servo located reversely in each wing for control of uplift of flaps.

The INV3 contains trimmer for setting-up the final position within +/- 15° of standard servo rotation range. The operational voltage range is 3,0 to 12,0 V. The power wires (red and brown) pass through INV3 unchanged. The level of the signal (yellow wire) against the ground (brown wire) cannot exceed 5V and the level of power voltage supplied by Rx (red wire) against the ground. The level of the signal from a receiver must be inside the space between the “MIN INP” and “OUT”. Most of receivers in the market easilly meet this requirement. The INV3 processes the input signal having pulse width from 0,45 to 3 ms. The width of the output pulses is mirrored around the 1,5 ms axe, so that the 1 ms wide input pulse generates 2 ms wide output pulse and vice versa . Input pulses shortest than 0,85 ms generate output pulses 2,15 ms. Input pulses widest than 2,15 ms generate output pulses 0,85 ms.

Length (mm) 40.0
Width (mm) 10.5
Operational Temperature (°C) 0-70
The operating voltage (Min) 3.0 V
The operating voltage (Typ) 5.0 V
The operating voltage (Max) 12 V
Consumption (Max) < 2.5 mA
Package Contains / Information
Total Weight of Set 4.5 g

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