harbor romance.
The original
As an example for the Graupner Anja, the classic, small fishing boats of the 1960s and 1970s, which are still to be found in every German coastal town are the big examples. These compact, but equipped with very strong diesel engines often defy wind and weather to successfully catch their fish and come home again.
The premium kit of the Graupner Fishing Cutter Anja SL 35 is a revised version of the Graupner classic.

The Model
The premium kit of Graupner Anja is a model replica on a scale of 1: 60. The model, apart from its many details, is particularly impressive because of the materials used. The hull is made of robust but light ABS plastic. In addition to the numerous castings, mainly wood-cut wood parts are used for the superstructures. This provides a true look. The processing in the laser cutting process guarantees optimum processing and perfect fit of the individual components. The kit is assembled in a few working steps. The Anja is also suitable for beginners.
Despite its compact dimensions, the Anja is a full-fledged ship model and has excellent handling characteristics. The model leaves plenty of scope for individual design and additional functions.

Included in the set
The set includes a mounting base for the RC components, a brass steve-pipe tube, a propeller and a powerful 400-brush electric motor. The Graupner Anja SL 35 comes already with all wooden parts ready cut. A high-quality wooden ship stand for the model, even if it is not driven,it is always in the best light.

Recommended accessoires
For the kit we recommend the Graupner remote control set from mz-10 and GR-12L receiver (No. S1001.DE). The Graupner speed controller Speedprofi 40R BEC (No.7196), which has a particularly sensitive control behavior, is perfect. We also recommend the Graupner digital Servos DES 427 BB 9 mm (No. 7910).
The Graupner Onlineshop offers you a wide range of topics related to model building and model sports. Discover all the necessary spare parts and accessories, remote controls, controls, servos or decoration for your boat model.
Product features

Completely revised edition of the Graupner classic
Very high detail
Easy build-up kit - quick assembly
high pass accuracy
High-quality materials

Included in the set
Complete kit (Easy Build Up Kit) with all superstructures, propeller and rudder parts.
RC mounting base
multilingual guide
Decals & Lettering

Recommended accessoires
Remote Control Set mx-10 HoTT, 5 Channel & Receiver GR-12, 6 Channel (No. 33110)
Electric motor Speed 400 7.2 V (No. 1794)
Digital Servo DES 427 BB 9 mm (No. 7910)
Cruise control SPEEDPROFI 40R BEC (No. 7196)
Receiver Battery 5NH-2600 RX RTU Flat SJ (No. 2495.5F) as Fahrakku or Lead Battery 6 V / 1.2 Ah (No. 770)

Width o.a. [mm]: 114 mm
Scale: 1 : 60
Weight [g]: 750 g
Overall length [mm]: 358 mm
Drive: Electric-Brushes
Version: Construction Kit
Material: ABS & Wood
Drive included / suggested: 40

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1 x Receiver RSF08SB comatible FUTABA
1 x Blueprints U-BOOT-U45
1 x Remolcador "Jonny Hafenschlepper"
1 x Pilot Lotsenboot
1 x TORBEN accessories
1 x 120x60 mm SLH KOVO wheel
1 x Harbor TORBEN
2 x Fishing boat Jule Fischkutter
1 x VBar NEO VLink + Gyro 6.1 Express
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 12x8
1 x Jeti Advance Plus Program Card
1 x Aluminium Hub for folding Props 43 mm M8 Shaft 5 mm
1 x PVC 0,14 qmm servos wire Graupner (100 m)
1 x Propeller MASTER 6x3
1 x 1/10 Pilot "Jimmy"
1 x Silicone 0,14 qmm servos wire Graupner (5 m)
1 x 12x6 tree blades propeller
1 x PVC 0,14 qmm servo wire Futaba (5 m)
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 13x8
1 x Hacker X-Pro USB interface V2
1 x White silicone 0,25 qmm wire (100 m)
1 x 9x7 tree blades propeller
1 x Cabel PVC 2 x 0.25 mm2 (5 m) red-black
1 x Civilian pilot "Gramps" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x Silicone 0,50 qmm servos wire Graupner(5 m)
1 x Pilot "Anthony" (Slimline)
1 x 1/6 Pilot "Garry"
1 x Civilian pilot "G-Man" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x 1/12 Pilot "Langley"
1 x PVC 0,14 qmm servos wire Hitec/Mpx (5 m)
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 12x6
1 x Pilot "Goose" (Slimline)
1 x Silicone black 1,0 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x PVC 0,14 qmm servos wire JR/Graupner (5 m)
1 x 15x7 tree blades propeller
1 x Propeller MASTER 6x3,5
1 x PVC 0,08 qmm Graupner servos wire (5 m)
1 x Civilian pilot "Joe" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x Pilot "Ice Man" (Slimline)
1 x Silicone red 0,75 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x 1/4 Pilot "Heidi"
1 x Cable servo PREMIUNM 1 m (blanco/rojo/negro) AWG21 + AWG26 TPE
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 16x8
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 11x6
1 x JetiBOX
1 x 1/4 Pilot "Mike"
1 x Silicone black 0,5 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x 1/6 Pilot "Tony"
1 x Aluminium Hub for folding Props 37 mm M8 Shaft 5 mm
1 x ProgBOX MASTER Hacker
1 x Green silicone 0,25 qmm wire (50 m)
1 x Propeller MASTER 5,5x4
1 x YGE ProgCard II prog card
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