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TMM 2512-3S heli

Outstanding features of TMM® controllers HELI:
- Great operation with all types of motors - outrunners as well as classic motors (rotor inside)
- All parameters may be easily set (programmed):
    · easily using transmitter without time limitations
- Indication of cells being almost empty in advance by external LED as well as beeper
- Outstanding care and protection of Lipol/Lion cells (of extreme importance) as well as of NiCd/NiMH (the system eliminates the impact of inner resistance of cells and amplitude of current on the switching voltage)
- Outstanding masking of interference and signal dropouts
- Extremely fine throttle step (1024 values)
- Features mode with constant revolutions (governor mode)
- Very simple maximal revolutions settings
- Autorotation mode
- Simple setting of flight modes
- Outstanding soft starts
- Small dimensions and weight
- Very powerful MEGA BEC for small controllers sup to 44A and 4 Lipol (12 Nixx) or extremely powerful switching S_BEC for controllers 60A, 80A, 120A, 160A and 224A / 2 - 6 Lipol (6-18 Nixx)
- Safe controller switch on; prevents unexpected throttle start
- Signalization by diode and acoustically
- Extremely small inner resistance of controllers due to:
    · using the best switching FET transistors
    · multilayer PCBs with extremely thick copper layer are used
- Using 8kHz switching frequency with low inner resistance ensures very small losses in the controller
- Version with switch is available also (safe connection)
- Construction enables use of external coolers for better heat dissipation for more powerful controllers
- All versions manufactured also in version with water and humidity protection

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