Paramotor BackPack XXS 2


The most successful Backpack XXS2 for indoor Paraglider has been improved in details.
G10 is used in the aerospace industry and is virtually indestructible. The Backpack XXS2 development has already ensured that the product will be delivered to the customer to ease the mounting. The Prop ring wins stability with its additional holders and you will be also able to attach your ledstrip on it. By introducing a new intermediate carrier, it is now even easier to position the components such as receiver and controller, in a professionnal way. This will allow you to have more room to carry a larger Lipo.The attachment on the frame of a FPV Cam including its transmitter is now easily allowed. The new spacer for the RC Paraglider now promise more stability. Thus, the control commands are implemented even more directly. The standard arms had been extended by 5 mm(0.20in), and optionally acroarms can be purchased. The new Backpack XXS2 of Opale Paramodels is the reference for indoor RC-Paraglider and just the right Backpack for your indoor flights. Combinated with the Oxy 0.5 of Opale Paramodels, by adding some weight, the enjoyment factor is simply multiplied and you will be able to fly outside, under no or weak wind conditions.

Oxy 0.5

1 x BACKPACK XXS2 Black Frame
2x 2.2kg.cm servomotors

Required and not included:
Oxy 0.5
Motor set for Backpack XXS2 ( from 63 to 103W)
Battery 2S / 3S Lipo 800 - 1500mAh
FPV Camera
2.4ghz Transmitter with receiver and Rc Paramodels mixer

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