SZD-56 Diana-2 Carbon D-box wing

All fiberglass semi-scale sailplane (RM4324 wings with carbon D-box)
This is a 1:4 scale Diana 2 model of this popular sailplane. It has been designed for general sport flying with the latest technology for aerodynamic performance. Diana 2 is made using 100% molded technology.
This Diana 2 can be flown as a sport sloper or thermal soaring model and has a wide speed envelope. Diana 2 uses an airfoil 10,8%. Thus, you will be able to fly slowly in thermals, rapidly in speed runs, and a good glide ratio for distance flying.
This broad speed range allows to enjoy a versatile glider. Diana 2 handles beautifully while circling in thermals and is very gentle on final approach and landing.
This all molded kit is coming with a high quality white epoxy fiberglas fuselage, and has the wing joiner carrying tube installed. The fiberglas molded with carbon reinforced wings are finished and control surfaces a live hinged, no additional work is required on the wings, except installing the wing servos and respective linkages. The elevator is finished all molded, the rudder is finished too. Only a few hours are required to finish this glider. Detailed instructions and a hardware package are completing the kit.
The model is designed to be used by advanced modelers.

Wingspan: 3750 mm
Lenght: 1700 mm
Wing area: 63 dm2
Weight (empty): 2600 g
Aerofoil: HN-203
Funktions: ailerons,elevator,rudder, flaps, airbrakes
Content: Epoxy glass fuselage, hollow molded epoxy glass wings and tail, double-high airbrakes installed, clear canopy, hardware, stickers, instruction

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