HOPPER tank INTAIRCO iTrap 50 175 ml 3x "Compresion" racor 6mm C

HOPPER tank INTAIRCO iTrap 50 175 ml 3x "Compresion" racor 6mm CLASSIC PRO

iTrap 50 (175ml) Classic Pro, Compression Barb Fittings - Suit XLarge Tygon & 6mm Festo Tube
The new iTrap CLASSIC replaces the iTrap BASIC and TELEMETRY. The new is much smarter and more adjustable. You can easily upgrade every CLASSIC iTrap with the optinal telemetry sensor to warn you via the TX system if air occurs in the UAT. Another new feature is the larger fittings. The connectors for the main fuel tanks and the turbine rely for iTrap175ml on M7 thread, this gives you enough volume even for the larger turbines up to 200N thrust (recommondation due to the volume of 175ml)
The CLASSIC PRO comes with the famous integrated difuser / filter.

Technical Specifications:
quantitiy 175ml
length (without connerctors) 85mm
height 55mm
weight (dry without connectors) 120g
telemetry optional
Sametime INTAIRCO release a new fitting system, which combines a barb fitting with a screwed cap. This gives no possibilty for the tube to get loose or get leak

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