PET film Mylar® A 350, 50 cm, roll/ 5 m

PET film Mylar® A 350, 50 cm, roll/ 5 m
Available from R&G, Mylar® A 350 is a flexible, strong, and resistant film made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). It is highly resistant to heat and cold and largely free of solvents.
Large temperature range (-250 °C bis +250 °C)
High mechanical stability
Extremly resistant to age and chemicals
Residue-free removal after application
350 µm (0.35 mm) thickness
Mylar® A 350 is suitable as a supporting film for wet laminates and linings. It demoulds to present a glossy, smooth surface. The foil is translucent, fonts, fabric structures etc. directly underneath are visible.

In our experience, thicklaminateswith epoxy resin and resins containing styrene (Polyester, Vinylester) require no release agents. For verythinlaminatesor undercompressive pressure the outer layer may stickpart wise.

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