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The catapult is destined for launching the models driven with electric ducted fans. You will no longer need any assistant at the airfield. You can manage everything yourself, including the take-off of your model. The take-off skis can be infixed into the ground at any spacing (depending on wing span). The slider end stops (provided to guard against wing chafing during take-off but otherwise not necessary) can be set so as to suit the wing sweep-back. The end of the hair-line provided with a ring is hooked onto the ejector mechanism (pedal). The other end of the hair-line is hooked onto the model and is positioned onto the slider. Now the model is ready to fly and stepping on the pedal is all that is needed. Hurrah it flies !!

The catapult is supplied in dismantled condition, in a blue canvas bag. The bag size is 110 cm in length, 1.7 kg weight. (the rubber sling bungee is not included)

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