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Fournier RF-4D

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Detalle de la Cabina

Detalle de la Cabina

Detalle del Motor
The RF - 4 achieved many extremely unusual performances, including various long-distance flights. Probably the best known of these was the Atlantic crossing in 1968, carried out by the exiled Czech pilot Miro Slovak. Subsequently he also succeeded in crossing the American continent, arriving in Santa Paula in California.

Our model is designed to 1:4 scale, as this size makes it possible to accommodate both a retractable undercarriage and airbrakes. It is designed primarily for the range of four-stroke motors: the single-cylinder Saito FA-56, 65, 72, 80 and 91, and the FA 90 TS and FA 100 T opposed twins. For any single-cylinder motor is recommended to use vibration-damping motor mount. Alternatively an electric power system can also be installed, e.g. the actro 24-5 with a CAM 14 x 8” or 14 x 9” propeller and 16 cells. In flying terms our RF - 4D is a connoisseur’s delight. The wing features both aerodynamic and geometric washout, and in conjunction with an extremely low wing loading this endows the model with excellent, beautifully balanced flying characteristics. It deserves to be flown in true “scale” style, as this looks wonderful and helps to avoid heart trouble! The Fournier is a picture of elegance in the air, especially at low altitude, and can be flown over a broad speed range from leisurely to quite fast.

Moderate “classic” aerobatics are possible: loops, impressive stall-turns, rolls and similar manoeuvres present absolutely no problem provided that you keep the model’s layout in mind. Fuel consumption is minimal, as most of the time the machine is flown with the motor throttled back. Long landing approaches are the order of the day, but the airbrakes provide accurate control of the glide path. The Fournier features separate wing panels joined by an 18 mm Ø dural tube of extremely high strength; the tailplane is designed to be glued permanently to the fuselage (mounted on carbon tubes).

Access to the RC system is excellent through an extremely generous opening in the underside of the fuselage. The same opening also provides access to the wing retainer system. The GRP fuselage is of the high quality expected of aero-naut products, and includes integral root fairings for the wing and tailplane panels, integral fin, pushrod fairings etc. The horizontally split two-part GRP motor cowl features integral locating pieces for accurate joining. The cockpit fittings supplied in the kit are based on the full-size machine, and take the form of ABS plastic mouldings.

The building instructions provide additional notes on fitting out the cockpit (e.g. padding). The sprung retract unit with its 95 mm Ø air-filled wheel was specially developed for this model. The dural and steel metal parts are accurately formed by a computer-controlled water jet cutter, various joints are hard-soldered and the surfaces are powder-coated.

The wheel retracts into an ABS mudguard which is built into the fuselage. A pneumatic retract actuator with an 18 mm Ø bore pressure cylinder provides the retraction force, and is designed as a single-action system. This is an important contribution to safety, as the wheel automatically extends if there is a pressure loss in the system.. The retract system also includes a variable pressure reducer, enabling you to adjust the rate of retraction / extension to a “scale” speed. The control valve is also a single-action unit, actuated by pressure from a curved disc (cam) mounted on a (mini-) servo or similar; a coil spring provides the extension force. The only item you need to purchase separately as a hand-pump with manometer.

We strongly recommend that you install the motor using our rubber buffers. The flight battery should take the form of two packs (2 x 8 cells). The packs must be installed projecting into the motor compartment (cowl) in order to obtain the correct C.G. (balance point).

Glowplug motors
An appropriate engine sound is an important factor in the full experience of flying any powered model aircraft. Certainly with scale models a completely non-scale sound should be avoided, otherwise the overall image is spoiled. In short - the RF-4D deserves a four-stroke motor. We recommend the use of motor mount with rubber buffers, which will accept all the recommended single-cylinder motors. This mount reduces the transmission of motor vibration to the airframe, and thereby reduces the noise emitted by the airframe itself.
The 9.1 cc Saito FA-56 provides plenty of power for realistic scale flying, but any Saito motor from the FA-56 to the 15 cc FA 91S will fit. Of course, the perfect choice would be an opposed twin such as the 15 cc Saito FA-90TS or the 16.4 cc FA-100T.
To increase power system reliability we recommend that you fit an on-board glowplug regulator; there are plenty available commercially. These units also offer an additional advantage: they eliminate the need for a separate glowplug battery for starting, together with the ugly hole for the plug clip.
Incidentally - all the motors mentioned above disappear completely under the cowl.

- Elevator
- Ailerons
- Motor control

Spare parts:
- GRP fuselage
- GRP motor cowl
- Wing set
- Elevator / Rudder set
- Spinner
- Canopy
- Retractable wheels

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1 x Fournier RF-4D
2 x Fascination 3600 mm, Spare Elevator (Top Model)
1 x Ion Pro, Elevator (JP Model)
2 x Aero-Master Wings (Aero-naut)
3 x Flip ARF (Top Model)
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 1250x620x1.5 mm
1 x Horn with ball 55x40
1 x Beech dowels 4.0 x 1000 mm
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 600x300x1.5 mm
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 498x247x2.0 mm
1 x Threaded coupler ALU Left M2,5 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x X-RAY Micro QR (Fuselage with canopy)
1 x Sliding window 1:2,4 / 1.2,6 Scale
1 x EC5-Set female, simple quality, 2 x female pin, 1 x blue housing
1 x ABS Strip 1.0x2.0x1000 mm
1 x Marker ties (20 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M3 Ø 5 (2 uds)
1 x 8x6 tree blades propeller
1 x Extension silicon 30 cm female (Futaba)
1 x Carbon fiber rod 4.0 mmx1000 mm
1 x Paramotor BackPack XXS 2
1 x Angled clevis with threaded rod M3
1 x Brass control horn M4 short for wire (10pcs)
1 x Copier 5x20 cm pcs
1 x Extension silicon 35 cm (Futaba)
1 x Kwik link AL M3 L:30 mm (2 pcs) + Pin Ø 2,0 mm
1 x Wing connector MPX with pin strip, plug & socket
1 x Carbon fiber rod 0.7 mmx1000 mm
2 x EC5-Set male, simple quality, 2 x female pin, 1 x blue housing
2 x Pad Screw Mount M3, up to 3mm / 0.12″, (10 pcs)
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 14x12
2 x Threaded coupler ALU M2,5 Ø 3 (2 uds)
1 x Carbon fiber rod 10 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Big Crow DLE-170M
1 x 1/12 Pilot "Cougar"
1 x Windsock Ozone L -1200 mm
1 x 1/12 Pilot "Langley"
1 x Hexagonal ball head 2.0 x 50 mm
1 x Propeller APC 11x7 SF
1 x Canopy Sweet / Siesta
1 x Kwik link AL M3 L:23 mm (2 pcs) + Pin Ø 1,6 mm
1 x SWEET Electro ARF "CFR fuselage " (Top Model)
3 x Surface Indicator Gauge Small
2 x Pine wood slat 2.0x2.0x1000 mm
1 x Round Rod 1,0x1000 mm
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 11x9
1 x Ion Pro NG electric with flaps GREEN Fluor (JP Model)
1 x Strip 2,0x2,0x330 mm
1 x Silent-blocks DLE 170M
1 x Horn with ball 40x30
1 x Horn 16,5x20 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM-Prop 12x6"
1 x Strip 3,5x1,75x330 mm
1 x Carbon fiber rod 8.0 mmx1000 mm
1 x 250 mm / 16 mm Airbrakes
1 x Threaded coupler Micro M2 Ø 0,8 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Pilot "Adolf" Legends Series (Slimline)
1 x Propeller APC 13x6.5 Electric
1 x Aluminium coupler M2/2 with ball bearing (1 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler M2 (10 uds)
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 14x8
1 x Propeller electric carbon 10.5x6
1 x 1/6 Pilot "Cindy"
1 x Cable silicona female batt. receptor 30 cm (Futaba)
1 x Carbon fiber rod 8 mmx1000 mm
1 x Parachute P4
2 x Field folding model stand SebArt
1 x ABS Strip 1.0x3.0x1000 mm
1 x Aero-Master Fuselage (Aero-naut)
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 12x10
1 x XT-60 connector (female)
1 x Kwik link AL M4 L:40 mm (2 pcs) + Pin Ø 2,5 mm
1 x MPX Sub-D Adaptor
1 x Set cintas unión paracaídas 145 cm
1 x Clevis plastico I=30 mm / hole 2.5mm / pin 1 (2 pcs)
1 x Propeller APC 12x3.8 SF
1 x 1/6 Pilot "Garry"
1 x Cabel "Y" 30 cm (graupner)
1 x Angle measurer
1 x Fresa corte diamante Ø 2.35mm (lentil)
1 x Propeller MEJZLIK 20x10 Electric light (36 g)
1 x Small aluminium horn red (2pcs)
1 x Carbon wing joinner 13,4 mm Ø 0,48 mm
1 x Multifunction Amèrimeter 130 A
1 x Carbon fiber rod 1.0 mmx1000 mm
1 x SE Ring HACKER 300 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Prelude ARF 2500 mm, spare wing (TopModel)
1 x Conector BEC female (10 pcs)
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 16x10
1 x 55% silver electrodes (2 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M3 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x Propeller APC 14x7 Electric
1 x Futaba Female 40 cm extension
1 x Porpeller HUNTER 480
1 x Aluminium blue ball links M3 V1 (10 pcs)
1 x WP HoTT Fan 1800 RC E-Segelflugmodell (Graupner)
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 600x600x2.0 mm
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 13x10
1 x Carbon fiber rod 12 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 13x11
1 x Carbon fiber rod 1.0 mmx1000 mm
1 x Propeller APC 12x6 Electric
1 x Connectors banna oro 8,0 mm (M/F)
1 x Connectors banna oro 3 mm (M/F)
2 x Propeller balancer
1 x Propeller APC 12x10 Electric
1 x Round Rod 5,0x1000 mm
1 x Propeller MEJZLIK 22x10 Electric light (36 g)
1 x Extension 100 cm (Futaba)
2 x SE Ring 300 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Propeller electric carbon 6.5x4
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 498x247x1.2 mm
2 x OBECHI sheet 2.0x3.0x1000 mm
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 600x300x2.5 mm
1 x Propeller APC 11x4.7 SF
1 x PropCover 16-20" (1 pcs)
1 x Kwik link AL M4 con Clip (2 pcs)
1 x XT-90 connector (pair)
1 x 8x4.7 * 20x12 carbon propeller
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 10x8
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 15x13
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 10x6
1 x XH male balance (2S) connector (2 pcs)
2 x Threaded coupler ALU M2,5 Ø 6 (2 uds)
1 x Carbon fiber rod 7.0 mmx1000 mm
2 x SE Ring 450 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Big-Malibu XL Roof box with surfboard rack GREY
2 x Threaded coupler ALU M2 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x ABS Strip 1.5x8.0x1000 mm
1 x Propeller APC 11x4.7 SF Pusher
1 x X-RAY Micro QR (Elevator)
1 x Motor DLE 170 M- Paramotors
4 x Prelude ARF 2500 mm (TopModel)
1 x Propeller APC 12x6 Electric Pusher
1 x Aluminium coupler M2,5/2 with ball bearing (1 pcs)
1 x Ferrita 17x10x6.5 mm
1 x 0,14 mm PVC servo wire extension, ZH micro conector.
1 x LH long aluminium horn L31xH30 (2pcs)
1 x Extinguisher CO2 - 2 Kg
1 x Strip ABS 2.0x3.0x1000 mm
2 x Beech dowels 2.0 x 1000 mm
1 x Propeller electric carbon 9.5x6
2 x 1/4 Pilot "Mike"
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 15x10
1 x 30 cm DEANS female connector
1 x RH long aluminium horn (2pcs)
1 x USB Mini Camera endoscope
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 14x9
1 x Threaded coupler M2,5 Ø 2 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Propeller APC 10x3,8 SF
1 x Connectors DEANS 4 pins (1 pair)
1 x Starter PLX 12v (1.20)
1 x Propeller APC 11x5.5 Electric
1 x Civilian pilot "Curt" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x Extension silicon 30 cm male (Graupner)
1 x Wing connector 8pin with pin strip, plug & socket
1 x Horn 13,5x16 mm (2 pcs)
1 x 2,5x60 mm allen screwdriver
1 x Short adjustable control horn 3x24
1 x Horn 6/35 with M3 Bearing
1 x SE Ring 330 mm (4 pcs)
1 x Extractor piñones 2.3/3.2 mm
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 12x6.5
1 x Propeller APC 13x10 Electric
1 x Starter Sullivan-STAR 601
2 x 800TVL CMOS camera for FPV
2 x Release agent sponge PVA
1 x Paramotor Trike XL
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM-Prop 11x6
1 x Propeller APC 10x7 SF
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 12x9
2 x Q-12 2000 mm Electric
1 x Carbon fiber rod 1.2 mmx1000 mm
1 x 20x200 mm battery rings
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 10x7 Reverse Rotation
1 x Connectors DEANS 3 pins (1 pair)
1 x Propeller electric carbon 8.5x5
1 x Conector BEC male (10 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M2 Ø 3 (2 uds)
1 x Dremel 3000 130W
1 x 9x4.7 * 22x12 carbon propeller
1 x SIMtransmitter 6 Mode 2
1 x Extension silicon 30 cm female (Graupner)
1 x Set wheel brake for wheel 90-100 mm
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 14x10
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 16x6
2 x 6 mm red aluminium threaded horn with patella
1 x EVP Unit for AXI2208/xx and 2212/xx
1 x Horn 5/20 with M2 Bearing
1 x Propeller APC 13x6.5 Electric Pusher
2 x Hot Glue Stick BLACK
1 x Propeller electric carbon 10.5x7
1 x Militarian pilot "Kamikaze" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x Medidor ángulos y/o incidencias
1 x Circlick securite
2 x 20x1000 mm Ring Strap Back To Back
1 x Piloto Jet "Green" 1/6 Scale
1 x Propeller APC 11x5.5 Electric Pusher
1 x Carbon fiber flat 1000x6.0x0.8 mm
1 x Porta Kwik link M4 4 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Rigid coupling brass Ø 3.0 / 2.3 mm L: 20 mm
1 x Equipo de equilibrado tamaño M
1 x Pump 12v 1200 ml/min
1 x Blue metalic ball link M3/3 azul (2 pcs)
1 x AIREX® Sheets C 70.55 (YELLOW) 1200x550x2.0 mm
2 x 6 mm ball link M3 (10 pcs)
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 18x13
1 x Propeller APC 10x5 Electric
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 9.5x5 Reverse Rotation
1 x Optical RPM Sensor
1 x Universal Filter
1 x ACTIVE ARF Electric 1.995 mm
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 11x7
1 x Suction funnel for carburetor 90D-L (red)
1 x M2,5 / 5Diam metal short ball link V3 (2 pcs)
1 x Japanese tissue paper 12 g/m2 760x510 mm white
2 x Ø 1,6 mm pin for Kwik link MPJ2150/2157 (6 pcs)
1 x LA500 pre-rotation gear
3 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 7x4
1 x Vest clothes Hispano Aviación
1 x Aramid 50 daN 50 m
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 9.5x7
1 x Premiant II (Aero-naut)
1 x Truck-trailer for gliders 720 x 285 mm
1 x Carbon fiber rod 1.5 mmx1000 mm
1 x Threaded coupler M2,5 (10 pcs)
2 x Propeller MENZ-S 20x12
1 x Propeller MEJZLIK 21x10 Electric light (36 g)
1 x Optotronix Aurora Plug
1 x Camera ECO Fly Cam One V2
1 x M2/M1/6 3Diam short black ball link V1 (2 pcs)
1 x Propeller MEJZLIK 9,5x3 SF Carbon Indoor
1 x Pulley brass 4/1,5 (2 pcs)
1 x Disposable Injector Bags (30x16cm) 100 pcs
1 x LA500 pilot-seat set
1 x Tape GFK 50 mm
1 x Fresa corte diamante Ø 1.0mm (bola)
1 x Carbon fiber rod 1.5 mmx1000 mm
1 x Propeller APC 10x4.7 SF
1 x Propeller diller for DA50, DLE55 red
1 x 15x7 tree blades propeller
1 x Propeller APC 7x5 Electric
1 x Propeller electric carbon 8.5x7
1 x Welder 100W/200V
1 x Suction funnel for carburetor 90D-M (red)
1 x Extension Arm for Carburetor
1 x Rescue 1,8m2 / BackPack
1 x ABS 500 x 400 x 1 mm (white)
1 x Banna gold connector 2,5 mm (M/F)
1 x PROFICOVER White 5m
1 x Propeller APC 9x4.7 SF
1 x Oracover Yellow CADMIO 10 m
1 x Propeller APC 10x4.7 SF Pusher
1 x Kwik link AL M3 L:40 mm (2 pcs) + Pin Ø 2,5 mm
1 x Propeller MENZ-S 20x9
1 x Propeller APC 5x5
1 x M4xM2,5xL30 nylon clevis and arm (10 uds)
1 x Propeller MENZ-S 16x10 3-Blades
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 10x7
1 x Tape GFK 25 mm
1 x ABS 500 x 300 x 1 mm (white)
2 x Threaded coupler ALU M3 Ø 6 (2 uds)
1 x Tool for entel
1 x 12 mm mast holder
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 11x8
1 x Short ball link M3 (6 uds)
1 x Extension silicon 30 cm male (Futaba)
1 x Propeller POWER-PROP 16x8
1 x Socket head ball link M3 (2 uds)
1 x Carbon Fiber TeXtreme® 80 g/m² (plain) 100 cm, roll/ 10 m
1 x Chili F3K 2 wing servo mounted
1 x Connectors banna oro 4 mm (M/F)
1 x Propeller APC 6x5.5 Electric
1 x Z type of cable coupler Ø 1 (2 uds)
1 x Metal clevis M2,5 (10 uds)
1 x Propeller APC 12x6 SF
1 x Lead battery 12V/7,0 Ah
1 x AIREX® Sheets C 70.55 (YELLOW) 1200x550x5.0 mm
1 x Pulley brass 8/2 (2 pcs)
1 x Para-RC Trike "RC-Bullix"
1 x Ferrita 27x14x7 mm
1 x Propeller APC 11x7 Electric
1 x Stainless steel 3 m Pull-Pull complet set (max 20 kg)
1 x Carbon fiber flat 1000x3.0x1.0 mm
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 10x12
1 x Liferaft 47 mm
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