NF-1 RC set
[NF-1RC Set]

Funcionamiento del NF-1

Esquema de conexi�n
NF-1RC contains four independent current-powering circuits. Two circuits are for permanent lights and power the position lights. The third circuit flashes with a 1s frequency and is designed to power the anti-collision flash lights. The fourth circuit is controlled by the signal from the receiver and is designed to power the landing lights. The circuit that evaluates the width of the pulse is powered from the receiver and is separated galvanically by an opto-coupler from the illumination circuits. The connection to the receiver is done with a Graupner, Hitec-type connector. It is possible to set the position of the control stick at which the landing light is switched on with a built-in trimmer. Due to the galvanic separation, the illumination can be powered from the shared source (see picture) as well as from an independent accumulator.

The circuits maintain the nominal current in the wide range of voltage from 6 to 14V without the need to connect compensating resistance series in the circuit. The stabilization starts working from 4.5V, therefore it is possible to connect the unit with the used NiCd or NiMH batteries with 4-10 cells.

A typical connection of a circuit with the NF-1RC unit. The picture shows examples of fixed and/or detachable connection of more diodes into 1 circuit.

The NF-1RC, besides control circuit, includes 1x5 mm 20 mAh green LED, 3x5 mm 20 mAh red LEDs and 4x5 mm 20 mAh white LEDs

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