NF-3m Heli Kit
[NF-3m Heli Kit]

The NF-3m Heli Kit is unit with cables and LEDs ready to install into an indoor helicopter. Length of cables correspond to models like EasyCopter, Blade or Lama. There are 6 lights (LEDs 3mm) installed : two position lights (Red and Green), two flashing lights (Red and White) and two landing lights (White).

NF-3m Heli Kit has cable into a receiver. This is ready to work with helicopters having a free channel to control the lights by a pilot. Operational voltage is expected by BEC, typical voltage is 5,0 V. Works from 4,5 V to 5,5 V.

The circuit is to be connected with a Graupner or Hitec connector directly to the receiver, being supplied with a voltage of 5V and with BEC circuit tolerance. The circuit has no other protection against reversed polarity than a connector lock. Diodes are supplied with this voltage. The output conntacts have a joint positive pole. Each output can be connected with one diode.
The F1 and F2 circuits (see manual) flash with one second period. Using three jumpers ( 1, 2, 4 ), one of the eight preset flashing combinations can be achieved i.e. one, two or three separated flashings. You can set the order number of the combination from 0 to 7 by means of the jumpers as follows: all jumpers, when disconnected, sum up to 0. The sum of number of the connected jumpers represents the number of the selected combination.

The unit NF-3m can also be connected as an uncontrolled unit when disconnecting the orange signal contact on the connector on the receiver. This can be either cut off or you can gently try to lift the lock on the connector and pull the contact out of the connector. Then isolate against touching by chance. If necessary, you can always push the contact back again. When connecting the unit as an uncontrolled one (without the orange contact) the position and the flashing lights are permanently switched on and the jumper "2p/3p" switches the landing lights.

The total average current consumption by all lights on is between 12 mA from a BEC. During 10 minutes of fly the light circuits burn only a little bit more than 1 % of capacity of a 700 mAh accumulator. Position and number of the installed LEDs depends on your own decision. However, you should keep in mind that, according to conventions, position lights are correspond with the green diode on the right and the red one on the left, in the flying direction. Usually the flashing light on the body is red and on the tail is white.

The NF-3m, besides control circuit, includes 1x3 mm 10 mAh green LED, 2x3 mm 10 mAh red LEDs and 3x3 mm 10 mAh white LEDs

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