DUPLEX R10 receiver 2,4GHz

DUPLEX R10 receiver 2,4GHz
This is new 14 channels receiver DUPLEX R14. This receiver has possibiliety for connection next receivers so called receiver satellite - DUPLEX Rsat (for buying separately). Power supply is provided throught MPX connector or usual JR connectors. An additional satellite receiver RSat complements the receivers R10, R12, 14 and R18. This receiver is a full DUPLEX system receiver offering the complete functional spectrum of the system. Instead of classical servo pulses the output of the RSat receiver offers a PPM signal only. This PPM signal is furtheron processed by the receivers R10, R12, R14, R18 or by compatible RC equipment which requires a PPM signal at the input.

DUPLEX 2.4 GHz system by JETI Overview
We present the innovative DUPLEX 2.4 GHz system by JETI Model for radio controlled models of all types working on the 2,4GHz band. Problems with interference and frequency control will be history, and operation on the 2,4GHz band will change your approach to radio control forever. In designing the DUPLEX system, Jeti aim has always been to improve on what is offered by other radio control systems currently on the market. Jeti sistems offer you very sophisticated equipment offering reliable – duplex – secure – digital transmission of information.

Main advantages of the DUPLEX system:
- No crystals used – no frequency checks required
- You do not have to buy a new transmitter
- Easy and reliable binding of receivers to transmitters (you can use endless numbers of receivers with every transmitter)
- High interference rejection provides safe operation - even in an interference rich environment
- Digital data transmision ensures distortion free transfer of information to the model
- Maximum safety
- Can be used with all types of models (aircraft, boats, cars)
- Two way communication between receiver and transmitter
- Telemetric data transfer to the model operator in real time
- High sensitivity of receivers and high output of transmitters ensures visibility limit range
- Self-correcting coding of information
- The DUPLEX system can handle up to 16 input channels with the use of two receivers
- Two aerial receivers ensure continuous control of models in any position, and eliminate blind spots caused by signal reflection
- Quality plotting of transmission channels and antenna position at start up, providing a low probability of transmission on busy or - Interference rich channels
- Immediate response of the receiver output to changes in transmitter controls
- Transmitter modules are fitted with an alarm triggered by the receiver in dangerous situations (low receiver battery voltage, poor reception, etc.)
- The DUPLEX system provides simultaneous operation of more than one receiver on the same transmitter (listening-in)
- Real time data display and easy programing using the JetiBox
- Failsafe with adjustable time delay.
- Receiver outputs can be changed to match any transmitter channel input
- All of the receivers allow the setting of mixers, servo reverse, ATV, servo slow for each output on the receiver, even with the simplest of transmitters.

How does the DUPLEX 2,4 GHz system work?
After switching on the transmitter and the receiver, the transmitter automatically acknowledges the receiver, and then both select free channels in the 2.4GHz band. The DUPLEX system then collects data on each channel selected for transmission integrity in relation to signal intensity, number of errors corrected, aerial position etc. If any channel is considered to be unfit for use, the channel is then changed to a new one by the DUPLEX system (and then channel hops as necessary). The DUPLEX system checks channel before starting transmit to minimise potential clashes with other transmitters (or with other systems used on the 2.4GHz band), which allows common operation of more transmitters simultaneously.

The DUPLEX Rx receiver
Line is assigned to operate with the transmitter modules DUPLEX Tx in the 2.4GHz band. The fully digital bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver contributes to the development of new chances in the model remote control branche.

DUPLEX receivers are not only following up with the JBC receiver line by keeping up their univerzality and broad functional extent, but they additionally extend these functions due to the feasibility of the new DUPLEX system. One of the most important advantages is the operation without crystals – watching frequencies is a thing of the past, high interference resistance, far out of visibility range and continual control of model conditions in the air as well as many other functions are new and formerly unknown features.

DUPLEX Tx transmitter modules
Along with DUPLEX Rx receceivers constitute the base of a complex system working in the 2.4GHz band, assigned to remote control of models. These modules may be installed into transmitters which in a convenient way transmit stick and control element positions. Recently most of available transmitters working with PPM mode are suitable for this purpose.

DUPLEX Tx modules work up data of the transmitter control elements and send them to the corresponding (paired) receiver. Simultaneously they exchange service and telemetric informations with the receiver and take in turn advantage of them for operation optimization.

In order to take full advantage of the DUPLEX system it is advisable to connect the universal terminal JETIBOX to the transmitter module. This way you will be able to adjust easily requested parameters and to display data of transmitter, receiver as well as data of connected telemetric or diagnostic equipment. Another item of the TX-modules is indication of the complete system condition by means of sound signals.

Transfer of telemetric data in real time:
The JETIBOX terminal can be connected to the receiver or transmitter module to measure data. A valuable option is to connect the JETIBOX to the transmitter module and receive data wirelessly from the receiver and any sensors connected to it. Every DUPLEX receiver transmits the receiver battery voltage in real time. It is possible to set an audible warning which is activated by the voltage dropping below a pre-set limit. It is possible to connect a number of telemetric sensor to each receiver.
The Jeti Telemetric sensors can also be connected directly to the JETIBOX. For example, connecting the MUI sensor to the JETIBOX creates both a voltmeter and ammeter.

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temporarily out of stock

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1 x Silicon red 1,0 qmm cable ( 25 m)
2 x 1/6 Pilot "John"
1 x Receiver FUTABA R7108SB FASSTest/FASST
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 600x300x4.0 mm
1 x Electric Pump
1 x Silencer Ring 7-35
1 x Allen wheel collar M4x4
1 x Servo HITEC HS-53
1 x Variable Flow Smoke Pump System
2 x DUPLEX R7 receiver REX Assist
1 x Xplorer1 anemometro
2 x Sparkplug Champion RCJ-7Y for ZG
1 x 41x5,5 mm wires output (2 pcs)
1 x Black silicone 1,0 qmm wire (50 m)
2 x Pilot JAN 1/4 Saiplanes
1 x Servo arms set HS-65HB/MG/5065MG
1 x Pitts Muffler kit for CAP 21
1 x JETI Counter for DC-24 Carbon Design 3
1 x switch short 3-position DS Tx DUPLEX 2,4EX
2 x Silicone 0,35 qmm servos wire Futaba (100 m)
1 x Silicone black 1,5 qmm wire ( 25 m)
1 x Cable set PREMIUM , fuselage/wing one4one
1 x Cabel PVC 2 x 0.25 mm2 (5 m) red-black
1 x DUPLEX 2,4EX Brackets for Transmitter DC/DS-16/14
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1 x Switch for DS: Long 3 Position
1 x Silicone red 0,5 qmm wire ( 25 m)
1 x Servo HITEC D941 TW
1 x Tx 5.8 GHz 8 ch 1000 mW
2 x Birch plywood plate 600x300x0.4 mm
1 x Silicone 0,14 qmm servos wire Graupner (100 m)
2 x Super Light Wheels(Sponge Tyre) Ø 50mm x 19mm (2pcs) axis Ø 3.5m
1 x 7-Cylinder 35cc 4-Stroke Glow Radial Engine
1 x 28x5 mm wires output (2 pcs)
1 x SL-2000 Electric fuel pump (Glow)
1 x Antena FUTABA receptor Standard 2.4 GHz ( 160 mm aprox.)
1 x Red aluminium servo arm V1-Futaba 17 mm M2
1 x Wheel 38 mm V2
1 x Spray adhesive AEROFIX 2
1 x Allen wheel collar M4x6
1 x 45 mm rods + T patellas set for direction control
3 x 1/12 Pilot "Langley"
1 x Silicone red 0,75 qmm wire ( 25 m)
1 x Blue aluminium servo arm V2-Hitec 1,0 inch M3
1 x 1/6 Pilot "Garry"
1 x Green silicone 0,25 mm² wire (25 m)
1 x Thixotropic agent TM 100, tin/ 415 g (approx. 5 l)
1 x Blue aluminium servo arm V2-Hitec 1,75" inch M3
1 x Protective Cover for wires Ø 6 mm 1000 mm
1 x Receiver DUPLEX R4H EX 2.4 GHz
1 x Double aluminium servo arm V1-Hitec 2,5 inch M3 (blue)
1 x Servo HITEC HS-225 MG
2 x Blue aluminium servo arm V2-Hitec 1,25 inch M3
1 x Pine wood slat 10x10x1000 mm
2 x Blue aluminium servo arm V1-Hitec 1,0" inch M2
1 x 1/10 Pilot "Jack"
1 x 120x60 mm SLH KOVO wheel
1 x Fascination 3600 mm, Spare Wings (Top Model)
1 x Aluminun wheel collar 2 mm Ø (4 uds)
2 x 5 line servos wire black (1 m)
2 x Super Light Wheels(Sponge Tyre) Ø 65mm x 19mm (2pcs) axis Ø 3.5m
1 x Superlight deluxe wheel 68 mm (2 pcs)
2 x XH 30 cm Female extension 0,25 mm2 silicone cable for 4 cell
2 x 1/6 Pilot "Cindy"
2 x Wheel FEMA 127 mm / 6 mm
1 x Carbon blade 3D 230 mm
2 x PVC 0,14 qmm servos wire Hitec/Mpx (5 m)
1 x 2,3 mm Prop Adapter M5
1 x 2 LiPo XH>EH adapter
2 x Silicone red 4,0 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x Smoke pump RCEXL
1 x Adapter 5,0 mm M6 for spinner 40 mm fixed propeller
1 x Suction funnel for carburetor 90D-M (red)
1 x 4" - 102 x 45 mm Ø5 mm aluminium core wheel
1 x 30 cm BEC cable (male)
1 x Silicon black 2,5 qmm cable ( 25 m)
2 x Protective Cover for wires Ø 20 mm 1000 mm
1 x Gold aluminium double servo arm V3-JR 3.5 inch M3
2 x Wheel FEMA 100 mm / 6 mm
1 x Superlight deluxe wheel 56 mm (2 pcs)
2 x Solvent Plasti Dip 1000 ml
1 x Wheel Ø 75 mm (1 ud) Electron Retracts
1 x Connectors banna oro 3,5 mm (M/F)
1 x TX 250 mW especial GOPRO
1 x Neck strap JETI DS
1 x Motor MVVS 4.6/1120 SPORT
2 x Militarian pilot "Kamikaze" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x Adapter 2,3 mm M5 for spinner 30 mm fixed propeller
1 x Militarian pilot "Fly Boy" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x 7 Servo SET 9g DS MG + Full servo extension cable set for Avanti
3 x Pilot "Goose" (Slimline)
1 x Wheel Ø 90 mm (1 ud) Electron Retracts
1 x Motor Typhoon 2W-20
1 x Ventus 2cx 4.5 m Winglets
1 x 2 mm male connector (2 pcs) with safety connector
1 x Transmitter GRAUPNER MZ-24 Pro
1 x Wheel FEMA 82 mm / 5 mm
1 x Connectors banna oro 2 mm (M/F) (ultralight)
1 x DUPLEX 2,4EX Switch SAFETY 2-Position Safety DC-16/14
1 x Receiver Futaba R1008SB 8-channel 2.4 GHz FHSS
1 x Foam wheel Ø 38 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Universal Colour Paste signal white (RAL 9003) 1 Kg
1 x PIX Hawk with accesories
1 x Wing-connector: Glass / Carbon tube (26.5/25 x 25/23) x 1000 mm
1 x Cable set PREMIUM, fuselage/wing
1 x Receiver R7008SB FASSTest
1 x Adapter 3,2 mm M6
1 x 5 LiPo XH>EH adapter
1 x Superlight wheel 125 mm with valve (2 pcs)
1 x Micro Tarjeta SD Rapid Rush 16 GB
1 x Screw-lock connector M2 (2 uds)
1 x Rubber wheel Ø 38mm x 13mm (2pcs) axis Ø 2.1mm
1 x Hardener Aero EPH 161 (250 g)
1 x Split M1,2x10 (10 pcs)
1 x JETImodel Addcap 820
1 x 1/4 Pilot "Heidi"
1 x Fascination 3600 mm ARC
2 x Piloto Jet "Green" 1/6 Scale
1 x Servos security connector (2 pcs)
1 x Battery voltage telemetry
1 x BLANIK 50 Red Bull (SebArt)
1 x Ion Pro NG electric with flaps RED Fluor (JP Model)
1 x Double conector with JR adapter and 200 mm extension
1 x Threaded coupler M2 (10 uds)
1 x White silicone 0,25 mm² wire (25 m)
1 x ABS tube 9.0x7.0x1000 mm
1 x Reed valve petal for DLE 120
1 x Spray EC Red 400ml
1 x 1,2x1000 mm 2:1 black termoretract tube
1 x Painting GHT Lexan Black 150 ml
1 x Silicone red 0,25 mm² wire (25 m)
1 x Servo HITEC HS-311
1 x Moki Exhaust Bend 200 mm
1 x Servo HITEC HS-5245 MG Digi
2 x Civilian pilot "Pamela" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x Retract undercarriage for gliders up to 2 Kg
1 x Head Gasket 30cc (3 pcs)
2 x Compact Pitts Muffler OS MAX.35.40 FP
1 x 45x9 mm foam special light KOVO wheel with radius (2 pcs)
1 x Ignition MVVS 26/30/58 cc IFS
1 x Turbine RABBIT 100 SE 11 Kg
1 x Trailing edge BALSA 37x8x2 mm
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M2,5 Ø 3 (2 uds)
1 x Glow filter
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M2,5 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x PT 20x13 EL Propeller
1 x EDGE 540-A 91" (2310 mm)
1 x ABS tube 12.0x10.0x1000 mm
2 x Motor EME 35 cc with electric starter
1 x 2,5x60 mm allen screwdriver
1 x Gear set HITEC HS-55
1 x Connectors MPX male (PIN double)
1 x Propeller Pleg CAM Carbon 20x10
1 x Ancla Hist. 67 mm (2 uds)
1 x Cable grommet Ø 3.2 mm (4 uds)
1 x Gear carbonite set HITEC HS-6965
1 x Silicone black 2,5 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x Carbon tube (L 1000 mm, Ø12 mm, Ø10 mm)
1 x Swift S1 De-luxe JEPPESEN 3.140 mm
1 x DUPLEX 2,4EX Stick with 2-Position Switch for Transmitter DC/DS
1 x Servo MKS HBL599 SL
2 x Rubber wheel Ø 58mm x 21mm (2pcs) axis Ø 2.6mm
2 x Pilot "Dick" Legends Series (Slimline)
1 x 30 cm DEANS female connector
1 x VP-22SG Oscillating pump
2 x Catalog AERO-NAUT 2016
1 x 6 mm aluminium horn with patella
1 x Tailwheel for F3A size
1 x 1/12 Pilot "Cougar"
1 x Blue aluminium servo arm V1-Hitec 1,5" inch M3
1 x Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz S.Bus2 8/32 Channel Receiver
1 x Nut for mounting M3 (10 pcs)
1 x 73x24 mm hard foam KOVO wheel (2 pcs)
1 x Hose clips 6 mm
1 x Carburator Moki S250
1 x DUPLEX R10 receiver 2,4GHz
1 x Elevator VENTUS 2cx 4.5m
1 x 63x12 mm foam special light KOVO wheel with radius (2 pcs)
2 x PARTALL® Hi-Temp Wax, 340 g
1 x 40,0 mm hydro-propeller (left hydropropeller)
1 x 38x4,5 mm wires output (2 pcs)
1 x BALSA trip 2.0x2.0x1000 mm
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M3 Ø 6 (2 uds)
3 x Pilot "Adolf" Legends Series (Slimline)
1 x Pine wood slat 2.0x2.0x1000 mm
1 x ABS tube 5.0x3.0x1000 mm
1 x Wheel FEMA 140 mm / 6 mm
1 x VBar NEO VLink + Gyro 6.1 Express
1 x Extension 5 lipos JST - JST/C
1 x Tail wheel for 8-12 kg models
1 x Connectors DEANS 4 pins (1 pair)
1 x Ka-8b ELECTRIC 6000 mm ARF 1:2.5 (Phoenix Models)
1 x White smoke bombs AX-18 (5 pcs)
1 x Connectors MPX black male
1 x Carbon tube (L 1000 mm, Ø5 mm, Ø3 mm)
1 x Split pin 1x8 mm (10 uds)
1 x Cotter MVVS 45/50/58 cc
1 x Wing connector 8pin with pin strip, plug & socket
2 x Wheel FEMA 70 mm / 5 mm
1 x Pitts Mufflers EME 70 cc (2 pcs)
1 x Silicone black 0,75 qmm wire ( 25 m)
1 x Fox MDM 1 6000 mm
1 x White silicone 0,25 qmm wire (100 m)
1 x Fox 4000 mm (Airwold)
1 x Clip mini fixing for wing (2 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler M2,5 Ø 2 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Grease Dryfluid HELI
1 x Air filter MOKI
1 x Horn 6/35 with M3 Bearing
1 x Brass rod Ø 1.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Wheel 28 mm
1 x Turbine CHEETAH 160 SE
1 x Spinner Alumin. propeller pleg. 30 mm / 3,2 mm
1 x SOLOFOX 5m Voll-GfK
1 x Spare white 30-36 mm spinner
1 x "S" set for boats
1 x Red aluminium servo arm V1-Futaba 1,0" inch M2
1 x Piston ring for motor 26 cc
1 x Festo 4mm Tubing Holder (10 uds)
1 x Propeller pad and output shaft EME 55/60 cc
1 x Extension silicon 30 cm female (Graupner)
1 x Servo HITEC HS-785 HB
1 x Nylon threaded block M6 (2 uds)
1 x PC-21 PILATUS Electric retract system
1 x Aluminium tube (L 1000 mm, Ø4.0 mm, Ø3.1 mm)
1 x XH 30 cm Female extension 0,25 mm2 silicone cable for 5 cell
1 x Spinner propeller pleg. 45 mm / 6 mm
1 x Tailwheel for 60/120 size
1 x Servo HITEC HS-56 BB
1 x Protective Cover for wires Ø 6 mm 1000 mm
1 x Universal Colour Paste white 50 g
1 x Receiver DUPLEX R5L EX 2.4 GHz
1 x Protective open Cover for wires Ø 13 mm 1000 mm
1 x Servo HITEC HS-65 MG
1 x 10 mm Quick clamp_L (6 pcs)
1 x Landing gear axle Ø 6 mm (2 uds)
1 x Double aluminium servo arm V1-Futaba 2,5 inch M3 (red)
1 x A/C quality beech plywood 1520x750x3.0 mm
1 x 100x50 mm SLH KOVO wheel
1 x Yellow smoke canister 65 g
1 x Servo HITEC HS-7985 High Torque Metal Gear Coreless Servo
1 x PPM to Jack link - Tx Black (mono) DC/DS Tx DUPLEX 2,4EX
1 x Civilian pilot "Curt" size 9cm (Slimline)
1 x Charger HITEC CG-42 TX 7.2v/ RX 4.8v (80 mA)
1 x Sparkplug 1/4-32
1 x Spark motor OS nº 3
1 x Superlight deluxe wheel 75 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Pitts Mufflers EME 35 cc
1 x Pilot "Anthony" (Slimline)
1 x BOLERO 3D ARTF EP Installation pack
1 x Spark motor OS nº 8
1 x 3 mm Short Prop Adapter M5
1 x 58x20 mm (2.25") axle Ø5 Type jets mm aluminium core wheel
1 x 89x32 mm (3.5") axle Ø5 mm aluminium core wheel
1 x 40 mm 1/4" Race propeller (rigth hydropropeller)
1 x Silicone red 0,5 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x Gear for MICRO BB
1 x Servo HITEC HS-5645 MG Digi
1 x PPM Encoder Module
1 x PU aircraft tyre, 45x16x3 mm
1 x Carbon tube (L 1000 mm, Ø1.5 mm, Ø0.7 mm)
1 x Receiver FUTABA R7014SB FASST Test
1 x EC5-Set male, simple quality, 2 x female pin, 1 x blue housing
1 x 6 mm red aluminium threaded horn with patella
1 x 100 mm rods set for direction control
1 x Cable servo PREMIUNM 1 m (blanco/rojo/negro) AWG21 + AWG26 TPE
1 x Spare spinner 36 mm 3-Bl
1 x Spring clamp for tube Ø50 mm
1 x Epoxy Resin L 285 + Hardener 386, kit/ 1.35 kg
1 x Yellow silicone 0,5 qmm wire (50 m)
2 x Blue aluminium double servo arm HITEC 40 mm M3 F3A
1 x MAJA UAV 1.80 mm
2 x Sparkplug Saito 400
1 x Landing gear strap large (4 uds)
1 x Fascination 3600 mm (Top Model)
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M3 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x Red aluminium servo arm V2-Futaba 1,75" inch M3
1 x ABS tube 3.0x1.0x1000 mm
1 x Epoxy Resin L (2.5 Kg)
1 x Motor holder for AC 28/7
1 x Red smoke bombs AX-60 (5 pcs)
2 x 5 mm Prop Adapter M8
2 x MZ-10, 5 Channel HoTT
1 x Connectors banna oro 8,0 mm (M/F)
1 x MYSTIQUE 2.9 m ARF
1 x Disposable Injector Bags (30x16cm) 100 pcs
1 x 6,4x1000 mm 2:1 blue termoretract tube
1 x Corby Starlet (RBC Kits)
1 x Red aluminium servo arm V2-Futaba 17 mm iM2
1 x Servo Dymond D 37 Eco
1 x AX-60 starters (5 pcs)
1 x PVC 0,08 qmm Graupner servos wire (5 m)
1 x EME ignition free wheel
1 x DLE 111 pipe plug
1 x Silicone red 0,75 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x Carbon tube 3K-PW (L 1000 mm, Ø20 mm, Ø18 mm)
1 x Spark motor OS Type F
1 x Spark Plug BRISK M14x1.25
1 x F-20 Tigershark (RBC Kits)
1 x ALU servo arm 90º 3 mm shaft
1 x White spinner propeller pleg. 55 mm / 6 mm
1 x Motor EME 60 cc with electric starter
1 x ER-50eVo Set A [2x ER50 + RB-45]
1 x SPARK Switch 7.4v
1 x Modulo telemetria 500 mW/100 mw Radio aire/Tierra Modulo 915 MHz
1 x BU 131 Jugmann Panel Instrum. trasero
1 x Silicone black 6,0 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x Oracover Black 2 m
1 x 20x1000 mm Ring Strap Back To Back
1 x 3 LiPo XH>EH adapter
1 x 1/4 Pilot "Mike"
1 x MOKI S250 Intake Bend
1 x DUPLEX R14 receiver 2,4GHz
1 x Turnbuckle M1,6x20/30 (2pcs)
1 x Electric Landing Gear "Black Edition" BULL Mo1 2.6 (Elektron Re
1 x Adapter 3,0 mm M8
1 x 3,2 mm Prop Adapter M5
1 x 1,2x1000 mm 2:1 red termoretract tube
1 x Silicone red 1,0 qmm wire ( 1 m)
1 x 50 mm white plastic spinner for folding propeller
1 x Propeller MEJLIK 21x8 CFK
1 x Spinner 100 mm CFK
1 x Anchor 25 mm (2 uds)
1 x Wheel 75 mm with electromagnet and brake disk (2 uds)
1 x aluminium servo arm V2-JR 2,0 inch M3
1 x Monokote PLATINO metalizado (1.8x0.65m)
1 x Mixers smoke bombs AX-60 (5 pcs)
1 x Pilot "Duke" Legends Series (Slimline)
1 x Couple M4 for wire (10 pcs)
1 x Red aluminium servo arm V3-Futaba 1,5inch M3
1 x 
1 x Red aluminium double servo arm FUTABA 40 mm M3 F3A
1 x Flip ARF (Top Model)
1 x Propeller MEJLIK 20x13 N-3 Blades
1 x XH male balance (8S) connector (2 pcs)
1 x STD excentric gearbox for 3,2mm axis (3,0:1)
1 x Piper Cub 120 2450 mm (Pichler)
1 x Aluminun wheel collar 3.5 mm Ø (4 uds)
1 x Propeller Washer MVVS 58cc
1 x Cable video GoPro and 5V cable
1 x 20x15 Falcon electric V2
1 x CF tube (L 1000 mm Ø030 mm, Ø26 mm)
1 x JM electric Pump
1 x TopFuel LiPo 35C-POWER-X 2400mAh 2S
1 x IKURA 4.0 m
1 x Servo NARO Max Std
1 x Motor MVVS 2.5/1120
1 x Receiver DUPLEX R3L EX 2.4 GHz
1 x Cable silicona macho batt. receptor 30 cm (Futaba)
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