DUPLEX R12 EPC receiver 2,4GHz

DUPLEX 2.4 GHz system by JETI Overview
We present the innovative DUPLEX 2.4 GHz system by JETI Model for radio controlled models of all types working on the 2,4GHz band. Problems with interference and frequency control will be history, and operation on the 2,4GHz band will change your approach to radio control forever. In designing the DUPLEX system, Jeti aim has always been to improve on what is offered by other radio control systems currently on the market. Jeti sistems offer you very sophisticated equipment offering reliable – duplex – secure – digital transmission of information.

Main advantages of the DUPLEX system:
- No crystals used – no frequency checks required
- You do not have to buy a new transmitter
- Easy and reliable binding of receivers to transmitters (you can use endless numbers of receivers with every transmitter)
- High interference rejection provides safe operation - even in an interference rich environment
- Digital data transmision ensures distortion free transfer of information to the model
- Maximum safety
- Can be used with all types of models (aircraft, boats, cars)
- Two way communication between receiver and transmitter
- Telemetric data transfer to the model operator in real time
- High sensitivity of receivers and high output of transmitters ensures visibility limit range
- Self-correcting coding of information
- The DUPLEX system can handle up to 16 input channels with the use of two receivers
- Two aerial receivers ensure continuous control of models in any position, and eliminate blind spots caused by signal reflection
- Quality plotting of transmission channels and antenna position at start up, providing a low probability of transmission on busy or - Interference rich channels
- Immediate response of the receiver output to changes in transmitter controls
- Transmitter modules are fitted with an alarm triggered by the receiver in dangerous situations (low receiver battery voltage, poor reception, etc.)
- The DUPLEX system provides simultaneous operation of more than one receiver on the same transmitter (listening-in)
- Real time data display and easy programing using the JetiBox
- Failsafe with adjustable time delay.
- Receiver outputs can be changed to match any transmitter channel input
- All of the receivers allow the setting of mixers, servo reverse, ATV, servo slow for each output on the receiver, even with the simplest of transmitters.

How does the DUPLEX 2,4 GHz system work?
After switching on the transmitter and the receiver, the transmitter automatically acknowledges the receiver, and then both select free channels in the 2.4GHz band. The DUPLEX system then collects data on each channel selected for transmission integrity in relation to signal intensity, number of errors corrected, aerial position etc. If any channel is considered to be unfit for use, the channel is then changed to a new one by the DUPLEX system (and then channel hops as necessary). The DUPLEX system checks channel before starting transmit to minimise potential clashes with other transmitters (or with other systems used on the 2.4GHz band), which allows common operation of more transmitters simultaneously.

The DUPLEX Rx receiver
Line is assigned to operate with the transmitter modules DUPLEX Tx in the 2.4GHz band. The fully digital bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver contributes to the development of new chances in the model remote control branche.

DUPLEX receivers are not only following up with the JBC receiver line by keeping up their univerzality and broad functional extent, but they additionally extend these functions due to the feasibility of the new DUPLEX system. One of the most important advantages is the operation without crystals – watching frequencies is a thing of the past, high interference resistance, far out of visibility range and continual control of model conditions in the air as well as many other functions are new and formerly unknown features.

DUPLEX Tx transmitter modules
Along with DUPLEX Rx receceivers constitute the base of a complex system working in the 2.4GHz band, assigned to remote control of models. These modules may be installed into transmitters which in a convenient way transmit stick and control element positions. Recently most of available transmitters working with PPM mode are suitable for this purpose.

DUPLEX Tx modules work up data of the transmitter control elements and send them to the corresponding (paired) receiver. Simultaneously they exchange service and telemetric informations with the receiver and take in turn advantage of them for operation optimization.

In order to take full advantage of the DUPLEX system it is advisable to connect the universal terminal JETIBOX to the transmitter module. This way you will be able to adjust easily requested parameters and to display data of transmitter, receiver as well as data of connected telemetric or diagnostic equipment. Another item of the TX-modules is indication of the complete system condition by means of sound signals.

Transfer of telemetric data in real time:
The JETIBOX terminal can be connected to the receiver or transmitter module to measure data. A valuable option is to connect the JETIBOX to the transmitter module and receive data wirelessly from the receiver and any sensors connected to it. Every DUPLEX receiver transmits the receiver battery voltage in real time. It is possible to set an audible warning which is activated by the voltage dropping below a pre-set limit. It is possible to connect a number of telemetric sensor to each receiver.
The Jeti Telemetric sensors can also be connected directly to the JETIBOX. For example, connecting the MUI sensor to the JETIBOX creates both a voltmeter and ammeter.

- Operating Voltage: 3.2 - 8.4 V
- Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
- Power consumption: approximately 40 mA
- Dimensions approx: 50x30x12.5mm
- Weight approx: 22 grams
- Sensitivity: -106 dBm
- Output Power: 20 dBm
- Number of channels: 12
- Antenna length: 2x400 mm
- Operating temperature: -10 ° C - 85 ° C

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