Seoul Power LED 3 watts PCB Sets: 1x white, 1x red, 1x green

SEOUL Power LED 3 watts PCB set (1 of each white, green, red)

Product description
The SEOUL emmitters are the perfect lighting for using in semi-scale or scale models.

Warning notice: This LED is extremely bright! Don't look directly into the illuminated LED! The brightness may cause damages of the retina or the eye.

This SEOUL 1 chip LEDs are unsurpassed in their efficiency so they are used even in power saving lamps. As an alternative to conventional fluorescent lamps or glow lamps the LED makes history in the lighting engineering industry. Due to special own patent based phosphor and housing technologies this LED stands out due to maximum light flux, very good thermic resistance coefficient and high heat conductance. This SEOUL LED belongs to the most efficient and brightest high power electroluminescent diodes in the world. EMCOTEC offers the LED in different colors. So the SEOUL LEDs are also the perfect illuminant for bright illuminating of semi scale and scale models.

The emitter is mounted on the suitable mounting PCB.

CAUTION: Take care of sufficient cooling during operating because the LED is going to be very hot. We recommend the usage of thermal conducting glue to fix the LED on a thermoconductive surface (e. g. heat sink or other metal surface). Suitable mounting PCBs (item no. OPT4350) and heat sinks (item no. OPT4310) are available as accessories.

When using with the EMCOTEC heat sink (OPT4310) the LED should not be illuminated longer than 10 minutes without interruption. With good cooling (large heat sink) a permanent operating is possible. The temperature of the LED or the heat sink should not exceed 70°C (158°F).

Before operating soldering of suitable resistor is absolutely necessary! Find an overview of suitable resistors within the section Specifications.

Packing includes 1 piece of each white, green, red.

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temporarily out of stock

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