Transmitter JETI Duplex DC-16 EX Multimode

¡Oferta! Financiación a 3 y 6 meses sin comisiones

Financing available:
409.67 € / month in 3 months
*(First month payment 409.67 €)
Financing conditions
New transmitters DC -16 formed with the participation of professional pilots and masters of the world. Sensors were developed fo having the maximum usability, with an emphasis on ease of use, maximum durability and reliability of mechanical parts. The metal casing provides maximum protection and surface protection against chemicals and simple shapes again easy maintenance. Metal Rocker with ball bearings and magnetic Hall sensors are a revolutionary concept. LCD display located on top of the transmitter offers perfect legibility in any lighting and a wide viewing angle . With a fine display resolution and using a large amount of graphics to create a simple and intuitive enviroment and in particular displaying telemetry data. All data can be displayed in transmitter LCD display, as well as downloades on the computer. The transmitter allows you to set a warning sound (even user- defined sounds).

- Duplex 2,4 GHz: DC -16 transmitter uses to control and receive telemetry data from the model, Wireless Duplex 2,4 GHz also developed Jeti model. The data Duplex 2,4 GHz is reliable and time-tested
- Built-in telemetry: Transmitter DC -16 is being developed from the outset with regard to the clear display and use telemetry to control a model
- DC -16's are designed for maximum comfort using the best materials for the exclusive look and durability
- Precise control cross: made of metal parts supported by ball bearings, guarantee long life and high sensitivity
- DC -16 has a 3.8 "display with a resolution of 320x240 pixels and backlight with perfect readability under any conditions
- Li-Io battery: reliable energy source with high capacity and long service life
- Easy charging: simply connect the AC adapter . When charging , the display DC -16 transmitter battery status is indicated
- Integrated antenna: antenna is an integral part of the broadcasting and is protected against mechanical damage
- High memory: enough memory space for storing models , sounds , telemetry, etc
- USB connector: easy connection s Computer . Easy firmware updates , copying audio files and download telemetry data
- Convenient operation: using the rotary control together with function keys improves navigation menu transmitter DC- 16th

Package Contents:
- Transmitter
- AC adapter for charging the transmitter
- USB cable
- Aluminium case
- A set of keys (HEX 1.5 and 2.0 )
- Cleaning cloth
- CZ instructions

Technical data:
- Modulation / Coding 2.4GHz FHSS
- Number of channels: 16
- Telemetry function
- 3.6 V Power
- Length: 180 mm
- Width: 270 mm
- Height: 40 mm
- Weight: 1500 g
- Conductor Number: 20
- Resolution 4096 steps Bat
- Time to 11h
- 2 GBs of internal memory microSD
- Mini USB connection to PC
- Graphical display of 3.8 "320x240px
- Temperature -10 - 60 ° C


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