Fox MDM 1 4000 mm Std.

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Semi-scale 1:3,5 of the famous two-seater aerobatic sailplane MDM 1 FOX.

This is a pure aerobatic model which can also fly in relatively calm weather thanks to the wing airfoil used.

The FOX has a broad range of speed and a sufficient stability.

The wings are equipped with air-brakes but also with camber flaps. These flaps have a longer length compared to reality and are divided into 2 parts. Thus, it is possible to use these 2 parts, together, like gigantic ailerons but also as camber flaps. This makes possible to make the FOX even more general-purpose and powerful in aerobatic.

This model is practically finished with the legendary quality of TOPMODEL CZ kits.

Semi-scale model MDM 1 Fox is delivered in ARF version- covered with Oracover®. The model is equipped with in-built airbrakes, landing gear and tail wheel. Accessories includes parts needed to completion of openable cab.

The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. Spare parts are in stock.

- Fiberglass fuselage, white gelcoated equipped with main fixed landing gear installed.
- Cabin frame in 2 parts, molded in fiberglass. Transparent PVC canopy.
- Finished wings: foam core abachi planked and covered with Oracover®. The wings are reinforced with fiberglass and carbon cloth under the wood plankage. Wing joiner: carbon rod wrapped into kevlar. Ailerons and flaps surface hinged, finished. Schempp-Hirth mechanical metallic airbrakes installed with their cover
- Horizontal empennage and fin: molded fiberglass, finished.
- High quality hardware (fiberglass control horns, metal clevises, push-rods, screws...).
- Vinyl Cnc cut (plotted) stickers.
- Simple assembly drawing plan.

temporarily out of stock
temporarily out of stock

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