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The Mystique™ 2.9m ARF aircraft is an electric powered sailplane inspired by F5J-class competition and similar Limited Motor Run events popular worldwide. Like most sailplanes focused on performance, it delivers an outstanding RC soaring experience, even if just used as a glider to give enjoyment on a lazy summer afternoon. Its impressive wing uses the versatile Selig SD3021 aerofoil that's proven to be excellent in model applications with a lightweight, open-bay construction, by offering good low speed characteristics as well as the ability to move quickly from thermal to thermal. The contour of the models fibreglass fuselage is sleek yet provides ample room for its pushrods to run internally and still have room for a powerful LiPo motor battery.
A complete high-quality hardware package is included to assist in a quick build time, whether for the convenience of modern electric power to provide launching, or for a more traditional sailplane experience conversion components included (tow hook for bungee or winch launch)
Equipped with an E-flite Power 25, time to climb performance is outstanding and the Mystique 2.9m is a full-house sailplane that can be programmed with all of the popular wing flight mode modifications, or one that can be kept simple and flown on just a 5-channel radio that offers flap control.


Two Setup Options: Pure sailplane or Electric sailplane
Adjustable wing camber for performance soaring allowing the pilot to change the airfoil in flight to achieve different speeds
Fibreglass fuselage for maximum strength
Genuine UltraCote Lite and transparent covering for a lightweight design and increased invisibility in flight
Carbon wing spar for strength and rigidity
Full flying tailplane to optimize the flight envelope
Large canopy for easy access to the battery and radio equipment
Pure sailplane conversion components included (tow hook for bungee or winch launch)
Two-piece full-flying stabiliser
All wood, plug-in wings with fully hinged flaps and ailerons
Streamlined fibreglass fuselage with built-in vertical fin.


Wingspan: 2.90m (114in)
Length: 1.48m (58.5m)
Wing Area: 66.5 sq dm (1030 sq in)
Weight: 1.90-2.05 kg (4.2-4.6lb) 2.2-2.25kg (4.85-5.00lb) with battery
Airfoil Shape: SD3021


EFL490501 Left Wing Panel
EFL490502 Right Wing Panel
EFL490503 Fuselage
EFL490504 Rudder
EFL490505 Tailplane
EFL490506 Hardware Pack A
EFL490507 Hardware Pack B
EFL490508 Wing Rod
EFL490509 Tailplane Rods
EFL490510 Canopy
EFLP14080FA 14 x 8 Folding Propeller with 40mm aluminium spinner
EFLP14080FA01 14 x 8 Replacement Propeller Blades

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