ARAMID panel nido de abeja 610x1120x5 mm

• High impact, vibration, and fatigue strength

• Extremely high compressive strength

• Very good chemical resistance

Light supporting material produced from aramid paper for fibre compound parts in sandwich construction. With reference to weight, honeycombs have the greatest resistance to pressure amongst all support materials and extremely good resistance to chemicals, impact, vibration and fatigue. They are also very flexible and thus also suitable for components with spherical roundings. Mould pressure is used to bond honeycombs. A vacuum bag is normally used.

Technical data:
Density: 29 kg/m³
Cell size: 3.2 mm
Production tolerances: Length ±75 mm, width ±50 mm, weight ±13 %, thickness ±0.2 mm
Compressive strength: Bare 0,56 MPa, stabilized 0.75 MPa
Shear strength: Length 0.45 MPa, width 0.3 MPa
Shear modulus: Length 15.0 MPa, width 11.0 MPa
Dimensions: 610 x 1120 mm

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