Ventus 2cx 4.5 m de Luxe

¡Oferta! Financiación a 3 y 6 meses sin comisiones

Financing available:
309.67 € / month in 3 months
*(First month payment 309.67 €)
Financing conditions
The maquette of the well known glider in scale 1: 4th.

VENTUS 2cx is supplied in ARF verzion, its Coated with foil Oracover®.

The model has an operated ailerons (using 2 servos), flaps (4 servos), air brakes (2 servos) elevator (1 servo), rudder (1 servo), tow hook (1servo STD), retract gear (1 servo).

De-luxe verzion:

Completely assembled and deposed model
The fuselage has inbuilt connectors and cables for aileron servos. The landing and air brakes, clutch housing of the wing, cabin including scale modeling closing, instrument panel and seats are also built in the fuselage. The rudder is attached to the fuselage with a control horn and bowden.
It contains the locking system of the wings against ejection. The tow hook, retractable landing gear on the tail wheel are also included.
The wing has mounted ailerons, flaps, air brakes, including servo cables, connecting cables to the fuselage and the system of locking the wings against the collateral eject.
High quality vinyl stickers are stuck on the model

This model is completely made in the Czech Republic.

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 4500 mm
Lenght:1610 mm
Weight: 4,9-5,6 kg
Surface: 75,2 dm2
Alar surface: 65,2-74,5 g/dm2
Perfil: HQ 3/14-2,5/12
Channel: 8 channel, 10-12 servos

The de luxe ARF kit contents:
fiberglass, white colored fuselage with sliding cabin, fiberglass seat and dashboard panel, these parts are already instaled
The wing : the center of the wing is made of polystyrene, coated with a veneer, reinforced with glass fiber and carbon flange. The construction is supplemented by beams which are connecting the top and bottom of the cover. The enclosure for mounting winglets, winglets, wing flaps and the brake shields are also installed. The wing is coated by Oracover® foil.
white through-colored fiberglass elevator
white through-colored fiberglass rudder
white through-colored fiberglass wing tip
fiberglass frame of the cabin with glued clear cabin. The maquette window and closing is also installed
building instructions
iron wing joiner
small accessories

ailerons and flaps (6 micro servos)
elevator (1 micro servo)
rudder (1 servo STD)
airbrakes (2 micro servos)
retract gear (1 servo STD)
tow hook (1 servo STD)

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