Device Terminal

AerobTec Device Terminal is a device which serves for settings change and displaying the main measured data by supported devices such as Altis Micro. It is also multifuntional device able to :

Measure LiPoly Batteries
Measure voltages
PWM input from RC receiver
RPM with aditional RPM probe
Servo tester with advanced functionalites

Dimensions : 71 x 45 x 10mm
Weight : 38g
Operating temperature : 0ºC – 50ºC
Power supply range : 4 – 8.4V, from USB adapter or from aircraft fuselage (via Altis Micro), measured Li-poly battery or from RC In connector
Input voltage range : Cell 1 : 8.4V, Cell 2 – Cell 6 : 0V – 30V
Servo tester – Output 50Hz / 1.5ms or 550Hz / 0.75ms
Graphical display 128x64px
Upgradeable firmware

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