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VBar NEO VLink + Gyro 6.1 Express

Bar NEO with built-in VLink receiver, with 6.x Express Software

Our new VBar platform is called NEO and is the sucessor of both VBar Mini and VBar Silverline. It contains latest sensor technology and top processing power.
The size of the VBar NEO is slightly bigger than the VBar Mini, but it provides the connectivity of a Silverline. If features 9 fully usable servo outputs, a rpm sensor input, a connector for an external sensor, two telemetry ports, and an integrated USB port.
The main advantage is the sensor array that contains two different multi axis sensors, which provide best performance even on high vibration loads by working together. The power supply has been hardened against spikes from servos that have insufficient internal filtering of their own glitches.
VBar NEO will come with the Express configuration. It has much more features as the current Express version, i.e. it contains the electirc governor already. So it fits the basic needs to be used with VBar Control.
Pro configuration contains extended parameter access.
With VBar Control, Pro also provides access to Macrocells. Macrocells are a new type of programming complex functionality specially for bigger and more complex models.
Pro implicitely includes the VPlane firmware license for fixed wing models, which can be used with VBar Control exclusively.
The top configuration is Pro Rescue, which adds the Rescue feature to the Pro version.
To use all the new features, an update of the VBar Control is required. It is now available. The update is fully backwards compatible, so all current devices can be used without change.
Even Express contains a updated 6.x control loop, that contains a special anti ballooning facility to provide a better stability at high speed, as well as much improoved performace at flying with very low rpm. The violent ballonig effect on the edge at high speed is almost gone!


Dimensions 45,5 x 25,6 x 16 mm / 1,79 x 1,01 x 0,63 in
Weight 25,3g / 0,85oz
Supply Voltage 3,5 - 8,4 V (2S Lipo)
USB cable Mini USB cable
Patch cable Boot Plug, Patch cable
mounting pad Gyro pad 10 x 50 x 1,2 mm
Gyrosensor Internal multi-axis sensor array plus external Premium 3-Axis Gyro with Silicon Sensing Ring Sensor Technology
Manual Printed manual (Quick-Start-Guide, full manual available online on
Software Current 6.x Express Software with Electric Governor and Bank Switching Miscellaneous

Hardware Requirements VBar Control Radio
Availbale software upgrades PRO Software, PRO Software with Rescue function (purchase via App Store on With these updates, you also get the VPlane and VCopter firmware which you can use with VBar Control.

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