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Interruptor Encendido Fibra optica

The Regulated Single-Ignition Cutoff provides safety and convenience for your gas powered plane. The Ignition Cutoff provides a way to cut your engine from the transmitter should you experience any trouble with your throttle servo. The unit has two modules that are connected by a fiber-optic cable. There is no electrical connection between your ignition and your radio system. This isolates your receiver from any possible ignition module malfunction which could damage the receiver and take the aircraft down. The unit regulates the battery (2S Li-ion/poly or LiFe) to 5.0V or 6.0V and supports engines with single ignitions. The LED on the ignition side is removable and extendable with standard extensions. The LED is not required for the unit to operate properly. The fiber-optic receiver does not require a switch as it will automatically cut off battery power to the igntion when the radio receiver is turned off. It will draw a maximum of 5mAH/DAY from the pack without a switch.


Optical Isolation
Physical Isolation
Single receiver
2S Li-ion/poly or LiFe Batteries
5.0V or 6.0V selectable Output


Small: 1.65" x .865" x .375"
4.0V to 8.5V operating range
Low Power Consumption
Low weight: 0.3 oz
” Universal Connectors, 10”
Compatible with all receivers


Small: 1.65" x .865" x .375"
5.5V to 8.5V operating range
Low Power Consumption
Low weight: 1.0 oz
Battery: 6” 22ga with Futaba Female
Ignition: 6” 22ga JR Male
Charge: 6" 22ga JR Male
3amp Regulator

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pocas unidades

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