LightBox SR

LightBox SR

Product description
More and more pilots are keen to build models which are not only 100% true to scale visually, but also lack nothing in terms of working systems. Naturally these functions include a fully controllable lighting system which simulates every function of the full-size machine. The newly developed LightBox SR from PowerBox Systems can control different light sequences in your model, and is easy to set up using the Terminal PC interface, which is available at no charge. A PowerBox USB Interface is required, or a USB adapter from another manufacturer such as Multiplex or Jeti. The interface is child's play to operate, and provides the user with every option required to set up the airborne lighting system individually.
The system caters for landing lights, flashers, double flash, and simulated beacons, and even an afterburner control system. The intervals and burn times for the flashing light function are user-variable, as is the speed of rotation for the beacon. The switching point for all functions is also user-variable. Only one channel is required to switch the various lighting circuits on and off independently.
As you would expect, the LightBox SR is pre-configured in such a way that it can be used immediately, without any adjustment. Landing lights, two flashers and one beacon can be switched on and off by a PWM signal.
The special feature of the LightBox SR is, that it can also process serial signals! The LightBox SR is compatible with all current bus systems, such as Futaba S-BUS, Spektrum SRXL, HoTT SUMD, Jeti UDI, JR X-BUS and Multiplex M-Link. This means that it is also possible to control all four outputs using different channels - and all this with only one cable! The LightBox SR is very simple to incorporate into an existing bus system, and can be installed at any location in the model.
A further highlight is the power supply for the LightBox SR: the outputs can either be powered directly from the receiver, or from an external battery; In the latter case the input voltage range is from 2.5 V to 13 V. A special circuit is present which automatically switches over to the external power supply when an external battery is connected. The external battery can be left plugged in when the system is switched off: the external battery is switched to stand-by as soon as the RC system is turned off.
To ensure that safety also has priority, all outputs are fitted with special fuses. This is particularly important when power is supplied through the receiver, as the output must be isolated if a short-circuit occurs in a cable. The fuses automatically reset themselves when the overload is eliminated.
A further feature is a user-variable voltage threshold, which switches the lighting system off when the battery is almost depleted; this ensures that the battery cannot become deep-discharged.
Naturally the unit includes integral fail-safe detection which causes all connected outputs to flash continuously if the signal is lost.

Four outputs, separately user-variable
Landing light, flasher, beacon and afterburner functions
Can be controlled via PWM or serial signal
User-variable switching thresholds
Fully configurable lighting functions
Simple PC interface
Can be used with different current USB adapters
Power supply from receiver or external battery
Stand-by circuit for external battery
Fuse-protected outputs
Low voltage power-off
Fail-safe function

Technical Data
Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Power supply ext. Battery: 2,5 - 13,0 V
Current drain Power-on state 19mA
Current drain Standby 150μA
Maximum load current each output 1.1A
Signal input PWM, seriell
Supported RC systems Futaba, HoTT, JR, M-Link, Jeti, Spektrum SRXL
Channels 4
Dimensions 56 x 19 x 16 mm
Weight 22g incl. Patchwire
Temperature range -30°C to +75°C

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1 x Wing connector 8pin with pin strip, plug & socket
1 x 2,4x1000 mm 2:1 red termoretract tube
1 x Optotronix Aurora Plug
1 x XH female balance (2S) connector (2 pcs)
1 x Carbon rectangular rod 3.0 mm x 1.0 x 1000 mm
1 x Spray EC Red 400ml
1 x Micro clevis (10 uds)
1 x Connectors banna oro 4 mm (M/F)
1 x Oracover Azul Cielo 2 m
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2 x Straightened rod Ø 4.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Carbon tube (L 1000 mm, Ø12 mm, Ø8 mm)
1 x Spray adhesive AEROFIX 2
1 x DPS Switch JR/JR
1 x PVC 0,14 qmm servos wire Hitec/Mpx (5 m)
1 x Cabel charger battery transmiter Graupner 2x0,5 qmm (50 cm)
1 x Monokote ROJO misil (1.8x0.65m)
1 x Connectors banna oro 4 mm (M/F)
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2 x Conector FUTABA Servo female (10 pcs)
1 x Balance "Y" Wire 5S, 2x JST-XH / 1x JST-EH
1 x Pulley brass 5/1,5 (2 pcs)
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1 x Steel tube (L 1000 mm Ø7 mm, Ø6,7 mm)
2 x Straightened rod Ø 0.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Conector BEC female (10 pcs)
1 x Aluminium red ball links M3 V1 (10 pcs)
1 x Cable servo PREMIUNM 1 m (blanco/rojo/negro) AWG21 + AWG26 TPE
2 x Brass rod Ø 0.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Connector Sub-D 2+5 Male
1 x Ø 1,6 mm pin for Kwik link MPJ2160/2161 (6 pcs)
1 x Connectors banna oro 4 mm (M/F) (ultralight)
1 x 1/10 Pilot "Jack"
1 x Swashplate metal LAMA
1 x SERVO DES 676 BB
1 x XT-30 connector (pair)
1 x Sparkplug ROSSI R8
1 x Xplorer1 anemometro
1 x Zurich Sport Sunglasse Dark Sensity BROWN Glasses
1 x Ball link duraluminium M3 V1 (10 pcs)
1 x Extension 5 lipos JST/C
1 x Hawker Hunter TopRC Model + Electric Landig gear scale + SW-140
1 x ABS tube 3.0x1.0x1000 mm
1 x Transmitter bag for mx-10/12/16/20
1 x Mini neumatic retract landing gear
1 x Protective open Cover for wires Ø 13 mm 1000 mm
1 x Mini VISION "spread tow" CFK
1 x Cable coupler M2x66 (2 uds)
1 x Threaded coupler Micro M2 Ø 0,8 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Cable set PREMIUM, SUB-Done 4three fuselage/wing 160 cm
1 x Horn 5/15 with M2 Bearing
1 x Steel tube (L 1000 mm Ø10 mm, Ø9,7 mm)
2 x Threaded coupler ALU M3 Ø 5 (2 uds)
1 x CF tube (L 1000 mm Ø030 mm, Ø26 mm)
1 x Red aluminium servo arm V1-Futaba 1,25" inch M3
1 x Teacher-student connector mx-12, mx-16, mx-20, mc-16 HoTT, ...
1 x Servo Mount S (red)
1 x 6 mm Quick clamp_S (10 pcs)
1 x Horn DU-BRO 1/2 (2 pcs)
1 x Connectors banna gold 5,5 mm (M/F)
1 x Carbon tube 3k-LW (L 2000 mm, Ø30 mm, Ø28 mm)
1 x 4,8x1000 mm 2:1 red termoretract tube
1 x Porta desks
1 x Trailing leg 100 mm
1 x Steel tube (L 1000 mm Ø4 mm, Ø3,7 mm)
1 x Ø 1,6 mm pin for Kwik link MPJ2150/2157 (6 pcs)
1 x Marker ties (20 pcs)
1 x Extension 2/3 lipos JST - JST/C
1 x Conector FUTABA Servo male BLUE silicon (10 pcs)
1 x Conector JR Servo female (10 pcs)
1 x Profile ABS half cane 2.0x1000 mm
2 x Hard brass tubing (L 1000 mm, Ø10.0 mm, Ø9.1 mm)
1 x Threaded coupler ALU Left M2,5 Ø 3 (2 uds)
1 x Horn 20x28,5 mm (2 pcs)
1 x 4,8x1000 mm 2:1 black termoretract tube
1 x Conector JR/Uni Servo female BLUE silicon (10 pcs)
1 x Spannlack 1000 ml
1 x Horn with ball 55x40
1 x Futaba BLS255/272/471SV - Gear Set
1 x ABS tube 20.0x18.0x1000 mm
1 x Carbon tube (L 1000 mm, Ø16 mm, Ø14 mm)
1 x EC5-Set female, simple quality, 2 x female pin, 1 x blue housing
1 x Connectors banna oro 3 mm (M/F)
1 x Ferrita 14x8x5.5 mm
1 x PVC 0,14 qmm servos wire Graupner (100 m)
1 x Horn for flap control (1 pcs)
1 x DES Servo accessory
1 x Aluminium wide washer M4 Gold (4 pcs)
1 x 12,7x1000 mm 2:1 green termoretract tube
1 x Full adaptors set for AXI5330
1 x Straightened rod Ø 5.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Baseplate servo
1 x 105 mm PVC transparent battery termo-retract 68 mm (1 m)
1 x Carbon tube (L 1000 mm, Ø5 mm, Ø3 mm)
1 x Threaded coupler M2 (10 pcs)
1 x Pin 3,0 to cable coupler M3,0 ⌀ (6 pcs)
1 x 2-channel prop. module
1 x Aluminium tube (L 1000 mm, Ø4.0 mm, Ø3.1 mm)
1 x Steel tube (L 1000 mm Ø5 mm, Ø4,7 mm)
1 x Motor mount M
1 x Carbon tube 3K-PW (L 1000 mm, Ø12 mm, Ø10 mm)
1 x Connectors banna oro 2 mm (M/F)
1 x Combustible Glow Coche BigBang 25% 5 Litros
1 x Switch moment button, 2 functions, long FUTABA
1 x Actuator Electric 25 mm HIGH TORQUE
1 x ABS tube 7.0x5.0x1000 mm
1 x Carbon tube 3K-PW (L 2000 mm, Ø25 mm, Ø22.5 mm)
1 x Carbon tube (L 1000 mm, Ø12 mm, Ø10 mm)
1 x Brass rod Ø 1.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Brass hexagonal rod Ø 5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Straightened rod Ø 6.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Glases Nimbus
1 x Glases Flitemaster
1 x Straightened rod Ø 4.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Brass hexagonal rod Ø 3 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Straightened rod Ø 0.8 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Straightened rod Ø 2.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Glases Ace
1 x Straightened rod Ø 3.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Straightened rod Ø 1.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Straightened rod Ø 1.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Brass rod Ø 0.8 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Straightened threaded rod M2-1m
1 x Glases Moritz
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