Mould Resin P + Hardener EPH 161-P, kit/ 585 g

Mould Resin P + Hardener EPH 161-P, kit/ 585 g

Hard elastic, good edge strength
Excellent grinding and polishing properties
Thixotropic (non-drip)
Manufactured in vacuum, so optimally free of air bubbles and homogeneous
This epoxy resin is coloured black for gelcoats (applied thickness 0.5–1 mm) in mould construction with high edge strength and good polishing properties.

In combination with Hardener EPH 161-P a post-curing (with the laminate backing) for approx. 15 hours at 60 °C is necessary.

It can be used as a top layer in conjunction with epoxy resin laminates and laminating ceramics. In contrast to resin and metal systems, the surfaces are polishable. The tooling gelcoat is hard-elastic, i.e. non-brittle, exhibits good edge strength, but is not resistant to styrene, which makes it unsuitable in conjunction with UP Pre-Gel.

Consumption: approx. 0.5–1 kg/m²

Hardener EPH 161-P
Mixing ratio: 100 : 17 parts by weight of resin to hardener
Processing time: 90 minutes (100 g batch size at 20 °C)
Gelling time: approx. 4 hours (1 mm application at 20 °C)
Curing: 24 hours at 23 °C, followed by post-curing (with the laminate backing) approx. 15 hours at at least 60 °C

A following post cure at elevated temperatures will improve the mechanical as well as the chemical properties and is highly recommended (> 60 °C for 15 h). A rate of heating of < 10 K/h is recommended, to prevent warpage and a print-through of the weave pattern.

Maximum heat distortion temperature after post curing (15 hours at 100 °C): approx. 120 °C

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