MAX BEC 2D plus EX

JETImodel MAX BEC 2D Plus EX

New 05.2014: the Plus-Version is compatible with the RC-Switch. Magnetic Switch is incl.

The Max BEC 2D is a linear voltage regulator, to provide power for the receiver and servos used in your models. For increased safety and reliability of this device, a magnetic switch is used to switch the unit on and off. The Max BEC 2D is fully compatible with the Jeti Duplex System and can also be operated using the Jeti Box terminal.

Recommended input voltage [V] 5,5 - 8,4
Max. input voltage [V] 16
Number of inputs (accu) 2
Output voltage [V] 5,0 - 6,0
Pulsed current [A] 20
Sustained current [A] 12
Idle current [µA] 240
Max. power loss [W] 20
Temperature Range max. [°C] 130
Weight [g] 85
Dimensions [mm] 100 x 29 x 16

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