Epoxy Resin L + Hardener W 300, kit/ 965 g

Epoxy Resin L + Hardener W 300 (300 minutes), set of two componets

Very long pot life
Low mixing viscosity
Excellent UV resistance
Supertransparent constituents
Excellent impact strength
Completely tackfree curing even in thin coats
Ideal for transparent coatings
Suitable for casting
Processing time: approx. 300 minutes

Mixing ratio:
100 : 35 parts per weight of resin : hardener
100 : 42 parts per volume of resin : hardener

Curing time: approx. 48-72 h

General information about the system "Epoxy Resin L" with Hardeners S, L, CL, EPH 500, EPH 161, W 300, GL 1 and GL 2

Low viscosity, free of solvents and fillers
Fast impregnation of glass, aramid, carbon and natural fibres
High static and dynamic strength (GL approval with the Hardeners GL 1 and GL 2 being present
Epoxy Resin L with the corresponding Hardeners S, L, CL, EPH 500, EPH 161, W 300, GL 1 and GL 2 is the most commonly used laminating and adhesive resin in R&G`s delivery programme.

In conjunction with the Hardeners S (15 minutes), L (40 minutes), CL (60 minutes), EPH 500 (60 minutes), EPH 161 (90 minutes), W 300 (300 minutes), GL 1 (30 minutes) and GL 2 (210 minutes), this epoxy resin exhibits similar mechanical properties to those of the laminating systems usual aerospace .Its heat deflection temperature reaches from 60 °C (S, L, EPH 500, W 300), to 80 °C (GL 1 and GL 2, after post-curing), to 95 °C (CL, after post-curing) and finally to 120 °C (EPH 161, after post-curing).

Its low surface tension, good adhesion, and minimal curing shrinkage makes the Epoxy Resin L ideal for bonding wood, metal, foamed polystyrene like Styropor® etc. It can be processed in all of the customary methods, e.g. hand lay-up, pressure and vacuum impregnation, press moulding and filament winding.

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temporarily out of stock

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