Actuator Electric 25 mm HIGH TORQUE

Actuator Electric 25 mm

Electron Linear Actuator, designed to move the RC planes gear doors. Manufactured in aeronautical aluminium 7075-T6 with CNC machines. All parts are anodized, and manufactured with very small tolerances. The control unit is integrated inside the actuator housing. The result is a very compact and robust system. The innovative installation bracket adjutsable in 3 points, and their small size, allow install this in small places.

Weight: 45g (cable and bracket included)
Voltage Supply: 4.5-8.4V

High reduction: 60N (at 6V), 50N (at 4,5V)
Low reduction: 45N (at 6V), 35N (at 4,5V)

Cycle time (no load):
High reduction: 3,5sec (at 6V), 4,5sec (at 4,5V)
Low reduction: 2,5sec (at 6V), 3,5sec (at 4,5V)

Operation: Can be controlled direct from a receiver, RS-200 or GS-200
Include: Adjustable bracket, Ball link installed.

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few units

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