Carbon Non-crimp ST 200 g/m² 50 cm x 10 m

Carbon Non-crimp ST 200 g/m² 50 cm x 10 m

Fibre: ZOLTEK™ PX35 50k

Yarn titer: 50k, therefore low-priced, without loss of quality

Technical data:
Tensile strength: 4137 MPa
Tensile modulus: 242 GPa
Elongation at break: 1.5%
Density: 1.81 g/cm³
Filament Diameter: 7.2 μm
Width: 50 cm

All filaments are tensioned and absolutely parallel, not twisted to the right or to the left, so the fabric can fully utilize the properties of every single fiber, thereby the composite has excellent physical-mechanical properties.
Thickness over the whole fabric’s width is consistent.
All the physical parameters have very strict tolerance so the weight, fiber content, thickness, width are very precise.
Filaments are constrained by very thin (76 dtex) polyester scrim (3.5 g/m², on one side).
The surface of filaments are smooth, therefore it is very handy to process.

Unidirectional non crimp fabric, lying absolutely flat, almost 100 % utilisation of fibre properties, above all considerably higher compressive strength than fabric, higher fibre content possible, all cuts possible without fraying. Film on one side.

Calculated data for hand laminates with 45 volume percent fibres:
Resin consumption: 158 g/m², laminate thickness: 0.25 mm, laminate weight: 358 g/m²

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