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Valach Motors VM 85B2-FS

Sensational smooth running and high torque
Spontaneous throttle response and smooth mid-range transition
Extremely low vibration throughout the RPM range because of the four stroke principle
Nickel-Silicon plated cylinder surfaces
Honda Valves
Walbro Carburetor
Valach microprocessor controlled ignition with auto advance and retard
An ignition integrated voltage converter allows the use of two LiPo cells
VM-Motors are designed using the latest tools and techniques

With the Valach VM 85B2-FS the legendary Valach "voice" and smooth running characteristics are now available also for your smaller sized models. The VM 85B2-FS is the perfect engine for our Sopwith Pup, our 33% scale Pitts Special S1-S, the 33% scale Piper L4 Grasshopper and the quarter scale Bücker Jungmeister from Paolo Severin. The VM 85B2-FS sounds just like the famous VM 120B2-4T, pleasing but powerful, and at a warm low frequency.

Due to being a four stroke boxer twin, the low vibration is nothing but sensational, and torque is really high. The response to the throttle being opened is so smooth without the slightest attempt to surge, making the Valach VM 85B2-FS absolutely ideal not only for scale models but also for aerobatic models and glider towing.

The VM 85B2-FS is also available with a starter. With the current version of the VM 85B2-FS the starter can be retrofitted anytime.

Displacement: 85 cc
Bore: 42 mm
Stroke: 32 mm
Width including valve covers: 280 mm
Length from engine mount to prop hub: 167 mm
Engine weight: 2940 g
including ignition: 3120 g
Ignition voltage range: 4,8 - 9 V
Propeller: Fiala Prop 2-blade, 26x12", 26x14", 27x10"

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