Motor DLE 40 cc Twin

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This is the DLE-40cc Twin Cylinder Gasoline Engine with Electronic Ignition.

Electronic ignition delvers smooth idle, easy starting and powerful throttle transition, spiral wire wrap eliminates interference
Updated muffler design for increased noise reduction, excellent aeration and power
Sealed crankshaft ball bearings
Optimized pumper carburetor with phenolic insert to insulate carburetor from engine heat
Lightweight pistons for fast acceleration, excellent compression and low vibration
Composite backplate mount

DLE-40 Gasoline Engine with Electronic Ignition, NGK CM6 Spark Plugs, Electronic Ignition, Mufflers, four 0.98" (25mm) Standoffs and Instruction Manual

87 octane gasoline
2-cycle oil, mix ratio for this engine is 30 parts gas to one part oil and must be followed exactly for warranty consideration and optimum performance
4.8 - 6V NiMH/NiCd, or 6.6V LiFe or 7.4V LiPo battery for ignition (separate receiver style pack can be used)
**NOTE, 1st version ignition is marked 'A-01' on the label and requires a regulator if using 2S LiPo/LiFe battery If ignition module is the A-02 model it has a built-in voltage regulator. Model A-02 designation is located above the word "Ignition" on top of the case**
Propeller: 19x8, 19x10, 20x8, 20x10
Field Equipment

Displacement: 2.45 cu in (40.0 cc)
Bore (x2): 1.26" (32mm)
Stroke (x2): 0.98" (25mm)
RPM Range: 1,500-8,500
Performance: 4.8 HP @ 8,500RPM
Idle Speed: 1500RPM
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Overall Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
Engine Weight: 2.58lbs (1170g)
Muffler Weight (x2): 3.6oz (102g)
Ignition Module Weight: 5.3oz (149g)
Engine Mount Standoff Weight: 0.7oz (19g)
Miscellaneous Item Weight: 2oz (56g)
Width between Cylinder Heads: 7.1" (180mm)
Total Width Including Spark Plugs: 9.05" (230mm)
Distance between Mounting Hole Centers/Narrow Side: 2.1" (54mm)
Distance between Mounting Hole Centers/Wide Side: 2.7" (70mm)
Length/Backplate to Outer Edge of Prop Drive Hub: 6.3" (161mm)
Distance from Crankshaft Center/Outer edge of Carb: 3.5" (90mm)
Standoff Length: 0.98" (25mm)
Spark Plug Gap: 0.018 - 0.020" (0.45mm - 0.51mm)
Carburetor Settings; (carb is preset at factory and should require only small adjustments)
Idle Adjustment Screw: Turn clockwise to increase idle speed, conterclockwise to decrease idle speed
Low Speed Needle: Turn needle to fully closed position, then open 1.25 turns
High Speed Needle: Turn needle to fully closed position, then open 1.5 turns-tachometer is recommended when setting high speed needle to obtain maximum speed

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