TAKEO 3.6m electric

¡Oferta! Financiación a 3 y 6 meses sin comisiones

Financiación disponible:
454.54 € / mes en 3 meses
*(Coste cuota primer mes 454.54 €)
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TAKEO is a new and unique model design.
You may use it as a pure glider or electro sailplane.
With 2-piece fuselage and v-tail and 4-piece wing you can take it anywhere- your camper car, airplane or holiday journey it is always perfect protected against damage and needs only small space for storage. It comes in a special aluminium case (32 x 34 x 95cm) and offers a huge 3,6m wing span
! Construction is good for alround flying, thermal, slope and aerobatics and made in carbon ( fuselage with 2.4 nose).
You may even put your charger or transmitter inside the case and you are always ready-to-fly !

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