FesEx-Uni8 System

A very easy to remove propeller adapter transforms your Scaleglider in seconds from the electric model to a pure glider and back. Slight pressure on the Propadapter lock pin allows you to pull off the prop/adapter unit. The model is still a pure glider with the option for self-launch. Adaptable to various engines and models.
Easy installation without sawing the nose and thus maintaining the original look and the resale value
The FesEx-Uni8 shaft adapter does not protrude through the fuselage tip - not visible from the outside when the propeller is removed
Aerodynamically negligible - small prop adapter, closely fitting propeller blades
Safety for pilot, helper and spectator
Can be attached and removed from the outside within seconds without tools
Withdrawn propellers can be safely stowed away (e. g. in the fuselage or in the trouser pocket)
In the locking device, a pull line can be clicked to the model to the starting point and retreat.
Made in Germany by Torcman

maximal motor power: 3,5 kW
maximal RPM: 15000 rpm
Diameter snap-on sleeve in front: 12mm
Diameter ball bearing front: 32mm
for motor shaft with 8mm (Adapter for 5 and 6mm shaftdiameter available)
Propadapter wide: 31mm
Weight: 87g

Delivery contents
Set contains: Locking sleeve, ball locking bolt with prop adapter, frontframe incl. ballbearing, mounting sleeve

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