RF9 Flight Simulator with Spektrum Controller

RF9 Flight Simulator with Spektrum Controller

RealFlight® is the #1 RC flight simulator in the world! It's the absolute best tool new RC pilots can use when learning how to fly. It also makes it possible for experienced RC pilots to practice new maneuvers and to hone their skills so they can become even better pilots.
With more than 160 different aircraft to fly — including airplanes, helicopters, drones and more — at over 40 different flying sites, plus the ability to edit aircraft and sites, there's an almost infinite number of flying options available. Add in game-like challenges that make flight training fun, multiplayer options so you can fly and compete with other pilots online, compatibility with VR headsets, and many, many more features, and you have everything you need to succeed at the field — because you can "fly" on a PC at home, or on a laptop just about anywhere else!
RealFlight 9 adds more of the most popular aircraft from the Best Brands in RC, along with Eli Field and updated Virtual Flight Instructor lessons for new pilots learning to fly, to deliver an experience you simply can't find anywhere else. It's also comes with the new Spektrum® InterLink® DX simulator controller modeled after Spektrum transmitters including all standard switch locations and functions so it works just like your favorite radio.
RealFlight 9 includes more than a dozen new aircraft* from E-flite®, HobbyZone®, Hangar 9® and Blade®:
HobbyZone® Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m with SAFE Plus Technology
E-flite Viper 70mm EDF with AS3X® and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Havoc Xe 80mm EDF with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Timber® X 1.2m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Extra 300 3D 1.3m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite® Apprentice® STS 1.5m with SAFE® Technology
E-flite EC-1500™ Twin 1.5m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Delta Ray® One with SAFE® Technology
Hangar 9® CubCrafters XCub 60cc
Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 20cc
Hangar 9 Valiant 10cc
Blade® 230 S V2 Helicopter with SAFE® Technology

And more!
*Please be sure to activate and update your RF9 online to receive the latest versions of these aircraft.
New RealFlight® 9 Features
More than a dozen new Horizon Hobby aircraft!
Updated Virtual Flight Instructor lessons for new pilots learning to fly
New Spektrum™ InterLink® DX controller (with controller version only)
Fly at the newest PhotoField™ – the iconic Eli Field
Additional RealFlight Features
Industry-leading True-To-Life™ physics that make every flight more lifelike than any other sim
A simple and intuitive interface for zero learning curve, zero hassle, and more fun More than 160 aircraft including airplanes, helicopters, drones, and more Over 40 different flying sites including 3D fields and PhotoFields
FlexiField™ Site Editor so you can make fields your own
The ability to edit aircraft and to import custom aircraft
Game-like challenges that make flight training fun and interactive
Multiplayer options so you can fly or compete with other pilots online
Compatible with VR headsets, including the Oculus™ Rift and HTC® Vive™ VR headsets (sold separately)
Works with Spektrum wireless simulator dongles for use with compatible DSM2/DSMX equipped transmitters (sold separately)
New Spektrum™ InterLink® DX Simulator Controller Features
Modeled after Spektrum transmitters including all standard switch locations and functions so it works just like your favorite radio
Patent-pending gimbal design with spring configuration switch for easy Mode 1, 2, 3 or 4 selection and operation
Exclusive Reset/Rewind button for replaying your best maneuvers or resetting after crashes
Easy and convenient control of most simulator functions right from the controller
Built-in sliders help drone pilots zero their cameras in for the best shots
15-channel capability for effortless control of all available functions
Prevents wear and tear on your field transmitter
Optional adapter cord/cable set available separately (RFL1015) to use other popular transmitters equipped with a compatible trainer port through the InterLink DX

Needed to Complete
Compatible PC desktop/laptop
Internet connection for activation and updates

What's in the Box?
(2) RealFlight 9 DVDs*
(1) Spektrum™ InterLink® DX Simulator Controller
(1) Realflight Installation Guide

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4 x Circlick securite
4 x 0,14 mm PVC servo wire extension, ZH micro conector.
5 x Extension 100 cm (Futaba)
5 x Extension silicon 100 cm (Futaba)
5 x Prolongador S-Bus JR/JR 20cm
5 x Extension S-Bus 1-2 silicon 30 cm FUTABA
5 x Extension silicon 30 cm female (Futaba)
4 x Cable silicona macho batt. receptor 30 cm (Graupner)
4 x Premium servo extension 100cm
4 x Extension silicon 25 cm (Futaba)
4 x Futaba Female 40 cm extension
4 x Cabel "Y" 30 cm (Futaba)
8 x Extension silicon 10 cm (Graupner)
4 x Extension silicon 30 cm male (Graupner)
4 x Extension silicon 100 cm (Graupner)
4 x Cable silicona female batt. receptor 30 cm (Futaba)
4 x Cable silicona macho batt. receptor 30 cm (Futaba)
4 x Futaba male 40 cm extension
4 x Prolongador S-Bus JR/JR 10cm
4 x Extension S-Bus 1-2 silicon 120 cm FUTABA
7 x Futaba Female 40 cm extension
4 x Extension silicon 30 cm female (Graupner)
4 x servo adapter lead, JST-SH socket - JR male Pin, for GR-12SH+HoT
8 x silicon 100 cm Futaba Extension Ø 0,35 mm
4 x Extension silicon 25 cm (Graupner)
4 x Extension silicon 30 cm male (Futaba)
4 x Premium servo extension 75cm
4 x Extension PVC 150 cm (Graupner)
3 x Cabel "Y" 30 cm (graupner)
3 x Monokote ROJO misil (1.8x0.65m)
2 x Cable S.BUS 3 salidas 300 mm
2 x Monokote PLATINO metalizado (1.8x0.65m)
1 x Extractor piñones 2.3/3.2 mm
3 x Oracover Yellow CADMIO 2 m
2 x Oracover CARBON Metalic 1 m
3 x ABS tube 18.0x16.0x1000 mm
2 x ABS tube 20.0x18.0x1000 mm
1 x Black smoke bombs AX-60 (5 pcs)
2 x ABS tube 12.0x10.0x1000 mm
2 x ABS tube 3.0x2.0x330 mm
2 x Surface Indicator Gauge Small
2 x Truck-trailer for gliders 720 x 285 mm
2 x Oracover White 10 m
2 x Oracover Azul Cielo 2 m
2 x Oracover Azul 2 m
3 x Oracover Yellow CUB 2 m
2 x Oracover White 2 m
2 x Oracover Yellow CADMIO 10 m
2 x MYLAR film A350 (1000x500 mm)
2 x Monokote BLUE metalizado (1.8x0.65m)
3 x Oracover Yellow CUB 10 m
3 x Monokote BLANCO jet (1.8x0.65m)
2 x ORACOVER transparent Yellow (10 m)
1 x Straightened rod Ø 4.5 mm x 1000 mm
2 x PET film Mylar® A 350, 50 cm, roll/ 5 m
1 x Big Crow DLE-170M
1 x Digital Air Speed Sensor And Pitot Tube Set
1 x Straightened rod Ø 6.0 mm x 1000 mm
2 x 26 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape, saw tooth height 1.0 mm
1 x PPM Encoder Module
1 x Straightened rod Ø 3.0 mm x 1000 mm
2 x Straightened rod Ø 0.8 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Motor DLE 200cc Std
1 x PIX Hawk with accesories
1 x Straightened rod Ø 1.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Straightened rod Ø 2.5 mm x 1000 mm
2 x Red smoke canister 65 g
1 x F8F Bearcat #201 2.460 mm
1 x Yellow smoke canister 100 g
1 x Soporte carbono MR30 (2 pcs)
1 x Red smoke canister 140 g
1 x Fuel tank 500ml (17oz)
1 x T-shape holder metal LAMA
1 x Logo 400 SE VBar
1 x Flybar support metal LAMA
2 x HOPPER tank INTAIRCO iTrap 30 PRO 3x FESTO 4mm
1 x Servo MKS HV747
1 x 
1 x Cable S.BUS 3 salidas 100 mm
1 x VBar Control Touch, midnight black
1 x ABS tube 3.0x2.0x1000 mm
1 x Universal Colour Paste signal white (RAL 9003) 1 Kg
1 x Simulador RealFlight RF-9.5 S (sin emisora)
1 x Angle measurer
1 x RF9 Flight Simulator with Spektrum Controller
1 x Field folding model stand SebArt
1 x SIMtransmitter 6 Mode 2
1 x WingFix ULTRA Black Edition
1 x ABS tube 5.0x3.0x1000 mm
1 x Slave-cable USB Easy Sim
1 x Medidor ángulos y/o incidencias
1 x Field folding model stand
1 x Interface Realflight Simulator
1 x CF tube set (Ø 38 mm y Ø 14 mm)
1 x Angle of incidence meter
1 x Interface Jack Adapter IKARUS
2 x Propeller balancer
1 x Spray adhesive AEROFIX 2
1 x Propeller balancer
2 x ABS tube 5.0x4.0x1000 mm
2 x ABS tube 16.0x14.0x1000 mm
1 x Truck-trailer for gliders 720 x 239 mm
1 x ABS tube 4.0x2.0x1000 mm
2 x ABS tube 3.0x1.0x1000 mm
1 x ABS tube 4.0x3.0x1000 mm
1 x ABS tube 2.0x1.0x1000 mm
1 x ABS tube 10.0x8.0x1000 mm
1 x ABS tube 14.0x10.0x1000 mm
2 x EasyFLY Addon
3 x Motor DLE 430 cc - Paramotors
1 x Straightened rod Ø 1.2 mm x 1500 mm
1 x ABS Strip 1.5x2.0x1000 mm
1 x EXTRA 300-A 73" (1854 mm)
1 x Aluminium cap bolt washer M4 blue (8 pcs)
1 x Aluminium wide washer M4 Blue (4 pcs)
1 x Towing hook <3m
1 x 6 mm hexagonal ball link M3 (10 pcs)
1 x 5 line servos wire black (1 m)
1 x Cable set PREMIUM , fuselage/wing one4one
1 x Cable set PREMIUM, SUB-Done 4three fuselage/wing 160 cm
1 x Threaded coupler Micro M2 Ø 0,8 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Stickers-digit for marking
1 x Glases Nimbus
2 x ABS angle 5,0x5,0x1000 mm
1 x 3 LiPo XH>EH adapter
2 x ABS Strip 1.0x2.0x1000 mm
2 x Zurich Sport Sunglasse Dark Sensity BROWN Glasses
1 x ABS Strip 1.0x5.0x1000 mm
1 x "Y" charging 4mm wire (2 IN-1 OUT).
1 x Foil for sticking flaps and ailerons
1 x Surprise XII Rudder (Freudenthaler)
1 x 6 mm ball link M3 (10 pcs)
3 x ABS angle 4,0x4,0x1000 mm
1 x Horizontal cockpit anchor "tipe F3A" (2 pcs)
1 x Steering arm 12 mm Ø 4 mm (2 uds)
1 x Strip ABS 2.0x3.0x1000 mm
1 x 13 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape, saw tooth height 0.5 mm
1 x Strip ABS 2.0x10.0x1000 mm
2 x Glases Nimbus "Black"
1 x Balanceradapter JST-XH (Heli 47G) 2-6 c.
1 x Pad Screw Mount M3, up to 3mm / 0.12″, (10 pcs)
1 x 3 copper lacquer wire Ø0,2 mm (1 m)
1 x 2 LiPo XH>EH adapter
2 x Glases Ace
1 x Balance "Y" Wire 5S, 2x JST-XH / 1x JST-EH
1 x Short ball link M2 (6 uds)
1 x Bec MR UBEC 5A (5v/6v/7v)
1 x Straightened threaded rod M2-1m
2 x Ball link M3 (10 pcs, flat ball)
1 x Optical RPM Sensor
2 x 10 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape, saw tooth height 0.5 mm
1 x Straightened rod Ø 0.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x 4 LiPo XH>EH adapter
1 x Allen wheel collar M3x5
2 x Blue silicone 0,5 qmm wire (50 m)
1 x ABS angle 6,0x6,0x1000 mm
1 x Motor ACTRO 28-3-1300
1 x Brass control horn M2 short for wire (2 pcs)
1 x Socket head long ball link M3 (2 uds)
1 x Silent-blocks DLE 170M
1 x Cable-Tie 1.66x71mm / 0.07x2.8″ (20 pcs)
1 x Propeller diller for EME35 and DLE35
1 x ABS I Strip 10x5x1000 mm
1 x Ball link M3 (10 pcs)
1 x Brass control horn M4 short for wire (4 pcs)
1 x ABS Strip 1.5x6.0x1000 mm
1 x 5 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape, saw tooth height 0.5 mm
1 x 20x1000 mm Ring Strap Back To Back
1 x Allen wheel collar M3x3
1 x ABS angle 2,0x2,0x1000 mm
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M3 Ø 5 (2 uds)
1 x Wing-connector: Glass / Carbon tube (13.7/12.5) x 1000 mm
1 x PVC 0,25 qmm 4 line servos wire JR/Graupner (5 m)
2 x Fixed launching hook
1 x Black silicone 1,0 qmm wire (50 m)
1 x Wing-connector: Glass / Carbon tube (26.5/25 x 25/23) x 1000 mm
1 x Motor DLE 200cc Premium Muffler
1 x Albatros red/white (Top Model)
1 x Steering arm 12 mm Ø 4 mm
2 x Threaded coupler ALU M2 Ø 4 (2 uds)
2 x Glases Aspen
2 x Motor A2212/13T
1 x Strip ABS 2.0x8.0x1000 mm
1 x Ball link M2,5 (10 pcs)
1 x Cinta Goldfix 1m
1 x Aluminum Bayonet / strongal D25 mm / 1 m
1 x ABS rectangular profile 12x6.0x1000 mm
1 x 30 cm BEC cable (female)
1 x Marker ties (20 pcs)
1 x Gear for D 200 BX
1 x ABS "T" angle 10.0x10.0x1000 mm
2 x Towing hook
1 x Long ball link M1.6 (6 uds)
2 x Fiberglass heat shield Ø 4 mm 1000 mm
1 x ABS angle 10,0x10,0x1000 mm
1 x Short ball link M3 (6 uds)
2 x Zurich Sport Sunglasse Dark Sensity MAGENTA Glasses
1 x 1/10 Pilot "Jack"
1 x Couple M4 for wire (10 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler ALU M2,5 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x 12 mm floating pad (49 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler M3 (10 uds)
1 x Threaded coupler M2,5 Ø 3 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Threaded coupler M2 (10 uds)
1 x Aluminum Bayonet / strongal D12 mm / 0.5 m
1 x ABS rectangular profile 10x5.0x1000 mm
1 x 30 cm BEC cable (male)
1 x 20 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape, saw tooth height 1.0 mm
1 x ABS "T" angle 8.0x8.0x1000 mm
1 x ABS angle 1.5x1.5x1000 mm
1 x Tow hook for tug
2 x Ferrita con funda
1 x 13 mm self adhesive Pinking Tape, saw tooth height 1.0 mm
1 x ABS "T" angle 6.0x6.0x1000 mm
1 x Cross Connector 4.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x 20x200 mm battery rings
1 x ABS angle 3,0x3,0x1000 mm
1 x 5 LiPo XH>EH adapter
1 x Adjustable launching hook
1 x Ferrita 17x10x6.5 mm
1 x 1 m servo "Premium" wire (white/red/blue)
1 x Glases Flitemaster
1 x ABS "T" angle 4.0x4.0x1000 mm
1 x Glases Innovation Plus
1 x Flat Connector 4.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Ventus 1:4 set of instruments
1 x APM2.6 Power module with 5.3V DC BEC
1 x Cable set PREMIUM, fuselage/wing
1 x Balance "Y" Wire 6S, 2x JST-XH / 1x JST-EH
1 x Ferrita 27x14x7 mm
1 x Ferrita 14x8x5.5 mm
1 x ABS "T" angle 2.0x2.0x1000 mm
1 x Cabel PVC 2 x 0.25 mm2 (5 m) red-black
1 x Balance "Y" Wire 7S, 2x JST-XH / 1x JST-EH
1 x Cable servo PREMIUM 1 m (blanco/rojo/negro) AWG21 + AWG26 TPE
1 x 10 mm Quick clamp_L (6 pcs)
1 x Glases Moritz
1 x Cable Cargador FUTABA
1 x Towing hook
1 x Black silicone 0,25 mm² wire (25 m)
1 x 6 mm Quick clamp_S (10 pcs)
1 x Black spiral protective cover for wires Ø 0,5/50 mm - 25 m
1 x Glases Stratus
1 x 14x60 mm Mini rings Tie Wraps (4 pcs)
1 x MAX pilot ARTF
1 x Paramotor Kit Camo H1.5/ Ben Red
1 x Para-RC Mix
1 x Aramid 50 daN 50 m
1 x Rescue 1,8m2 / BackPack
1 x Breatex™ Non-woven absorber 150 g/m² Roll 100m
1 x Conector AS150 7mm antichispazo (Set: 2 pares)
1 x 41x5,5 mm wires output (2 pcs)
1 x 76 x 12 mm cylidric hinge Ø 4,5 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Banna gold connector 2,5 mm (M/F)
1 x CellPRO 4S Adaptader (GP/KO up to 4S)
1 x Brass control horn M4 short for wire (10pcs)
1 x 48 x 10 mm cylidric hinge Ø 3,0 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Aluminium red ball links M3 V1 (10 pcs)
1 x 100 mm rods set for direction control
1 x Canopy hinges for Discus 2c, Discus 2a, Ventus 2cx (2pcs)
1 x 15 mm reinforced hinge
1 x 3,0x60 mm allen screwdriver
1 x Straightened rod Ø 1.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x 18 mm reinforced hinge
1 x Carbon fiber flat 1000x3.0x1.0 mm
1 x TP/TopFuel - XH 2/3S Adapter
1 x Carbon fiber rod 0.8 mmx1000 mm
1 x Bag connector 2 mm
1 x Black large kwik link (10 pcs)
1 x Tube Pitot to PIXHAWK
1 x 
1 x Aluminium blue ball links M3 V1 (10 pcs)
1 x Conector FUTABA Servo male BLUE silicon (10 pcs)
1 x Straightened rod Ø 5.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Softshell Hispano Aviación
1 x ABS 500 x 400 x 2,0 mm (white)
1 x Breatex™ Non-woven absorber 150 g/m² Roll 20m
1 x Xplorer2 anemometro
1 x Set wheel brake for wheel 90-100 mm
1 x Hovercraft sailcloth
1 x Servo NARO Max Std
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