BOEING 727 kit

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Our Boeing 727 is the first airliner kit that deserves the name "kit". With only 40 hours building time, this model is extremely fast to build, even if the modeler is less experienced ! The flying Characteristics are just gorgeous and the model does not require the experience of an expert, in fact it can even be called a beginners jet. See these videos that cover everything !

The kit is scaled at 1/16,with a wingspan of 2.06 metres (approx. 81") and a length of 2.92 metres (approx 115")
All up weight is depending on number and type of engine (s), between 9,9 and 12 kilos.Possible engine options are:
1. one turbine in the centre, approx 70 N
2. two Wren 44`s in the outer engine pods or two Kolibri T25 ( each 30N)
3. three Lambert Microturbines Kolibri T25 , or three Jets Munt Merlin35
4. three 69 mm ducted fans

The shown prototype "LUFTHANSA 727" has a dry weight of 9,9 kilos (!) , equipped with a VT 80 engine
The kit is delivered in white primed epoxy glass fibre parts, all composite elevators and rudder, plug in engine nacelles,ready made foam obechi wings.Ailerons are ready hinged, flaps are ready hinged, servoboxes are ready made, servo lead channels are ready made as well as prepared retract mounts. A set of CNC cut formers ensures a super fast building, that has never been realized on an airliner kit ever before !
Have a look at our building manuals to get an impression how fast and easy this model is built !
(PDF- Download under the product pictures )
We offer high quality electric retracts/legs for this kit.The retracts feature a flex plate mounting system that protects the retracts from damage.

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