Carbon CUB FX-3 100-200 ARF, 4200 mm

Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc ARF, 165" (HAN5280)


The Cub is a classic aircraft adored by both full-sca­le and model aviation pilots. Its flying characteristics and design versatility are so well known practically every new aircraft is compared to it. The CubCraf­ters FX-3 is the latest variation on the Carbon Cub series. The full scale FX3 features an all-new engine and a high-speed propeller in a lightweight platform. Hangar 9® is proud to introduce the largest and most modern Cub in a complete ARF format for the giant scale RC pilot.
For the giant scale sport, scale and sailplane pilot, the new Hangar 9® Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc is the lar­gest Cub we‘ve ever created and one of the largest in the market featuring superb scale details with the in­credible flight performance Hangar 9 customers expect. Featuring a 165-inch wingspan, this massive model is the embodiment of giant scale, yet is practical enough to fly every day. The two-piece wings with folding wing struts and removable stabs allow for convenient trans­portation and set up.
It comes with multiple scale details including a sca­le, sprung undercarriage that uses a solid machined damper with heavy duty springs as per the full scale air­craft, cockpit panel, tow release, super scale tail wheel assembly, and more meaning this Carbon Cub will turn heads everywhere you fly it. Like the full-size Cub, shock-absorbing 8.5“ inch tires with aluminum hubs take most of the bounce out of tough terrain. The two-piece fiberglass cowl allows for easy access to engine and fuel system while the high-density 3S Lipo com­patible LED landing and navigation lights shine bright for added realism. Designed to accept 100 - 200cc ga­soline engines, the complete hardware kit is included and makes mounting the power system quick and easy. The optional-use, included operational tow release lets this Cub be the perfect companion for your sailplane needs. The Hangar 9 Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc is a one-of-a-kind model delivering an authentic in-flight experience.

Wingspan : 165“ (422cm)
Overall Length : 115“ (292cm)
Wing Area : 3979 sq in
Flying Weight : 55-61 lbs (24.9-27.6 kg)
Wing Loading: 37.74 oz/sq ft
Engine Size (Gas/Glow) : 100-200cc Gas
Airfoil Shape : Flat Bottom
Servos : 8 pcs Standard High-Torque Digital Servos
Spinner Size : 6“ Diameter (152mm)
Wheel Diameter : 8.5“ (21.5cm)
Scale : 40%
Experience Level : Advanced
Approx Assembly Time : 20+ Hours
Expertly constructed with lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood
Large 8.5“ inch tires with aluminum hubs makes for smooth landing even in tough terrains
Two-piece fiberglass cowl allows for easy access to engine and fuel system
Operational flaps for STOL capabilities
Functional high-density 3S Lipo compatible LED landing and navigation lights
Designed to accept 100 - 200cc gasoline engines
Functional tail flying wires
Removable stabilizer with just 6 screws
Functional side double doors with working scale locking mechanism and alloy handle
Cockpit details include seats and scale dash panel
Sprung landing gear with metal shock struts and scale suspension system
Pre-hinged, scale-type aileron and flap hinges help you save on build time
Two-piece plug in wings for easier transportation and field assembly
Folding airfoil-shaped wing struts with matching paint finish
Optional-use operational tow release
Heavy duty, and super scale tail wheel assembly with included tail wheel
Built-in exhaust tunnel supports a variety of canister and pipe options
Complete hardware kit with engine and motor mounting hardware
Covered in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® film

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1 x Liston de BALSA 8,0x8,0x1000 mm
2 x Monokote PLATINO metalizado (1.8x0.65m)
1 x Clippe Wing Cub 3050 mm Blue 85cc
1 x Barra pegamento caliente Negro
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1 x Extractor piñones 2.3/3.2 mm
1 x Arrancador 12v (Max 90 and 15ccm)
1 x Acople ALU M2,5 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x Listón de CAOBA 1,5x1,5x1000 mm
1 x Anclaje varilla mando Ø 2 mm prisionero/circlick (2 uds)
1 x Arandela conica ancha alumino M3 oro (4 pcs)
2 x Oracover Azul 2 m
1 x Varilla latón hexagonal Ø 3.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Servo Robbe FS 525 BB MG HV
1 x Bayoneta: Fibra de vidrio/Carbono (13.7/12.5) x 1000 mm
1 x Listón de HAYA redondo 2,0 x 1000 mm
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1 x SKY MASTER 3.000 mm ARF
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1 x JU87B STUKA 60cc ARF -BlackHorse
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1 x PT-17 Stearman "Blue Army" 2950 mm 100cc
1 x Horn largo de latón M4 para cable (4 pcs)
1 x Parte inferior del rotor
1 x Servo KST A08H V6.0 3,2Kg HV
1 x Conjunto bieleta 140 mm para dirección
1 x Ball link Aluminio M3 x 3 x 5 x 18mm (6 uds)
1 x Monokote BLANCO jet (1.8x0.65m)
2 x Aero frenos eléctricos para veleros 250 mm (2 pcs)
1 x Conector ABS "L" 1.0 mm x 1000 mm
1 x MYLAR film A350 (1000x500 mm)
1 x Acople ALU M3 Ø 4 (2 uds)
1 x Cable servos PVC 0,14 mm2 Graupner (100 m)
1 x Piloto "Anthony" (Slimline)
1 x Piloto "Goose" (Slimline)
1 x Perforador hélices para DA50, DLE55 rojo
1 x Hélice Electric Carbon 8.5x5
1 x Terminales de mando o arriostrado aluminio rojo M3, 4 mm (4 pcs)
2 x Gafas Moritz
1 x Listón de BALSA 3,0x3,0x1000 mm
1 x Paracaídas PV6 para F3J
1 x Bolsa vacio 1200 mm x 50 m
1 x Cinta autoadhesiva 5 mm x 16.80m; Diente 0.5 mm
1 x Plancha ABS 500 x 400 x 0,5 mm (blanca)
1 x Sensor RPM Optico para Dinamometro
1 x Electrodos de plata 55% (2 pcs)
1 x Liston ABS 1,0x4,0x1000 mm
1 x Liston ABS 1,5x3,0x1000 mm
1 x Rótula M3 con tornillo y tuerca(6 uds)
1 x Liston ABS 1,5x8,0x1000 mm
1 x Motor DLE 200cc Std
2 x Gafas Nimbus
1 x Corona grade autoarranque DLE-170M
1 x Arandela conica alumino M3 verde (8 pcs)
1 x Arandela conica alumino M4 verde (8 pcs)
1 x Corona pequeña autoarranque DLE-170M
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1 x Cable servo PVC 0,14 mm2 Hitec/Mpx (5 m)
1 x Plancha contrachapado Abedul 600x300x1,5 mm
1 x Cinta fibra vidrio 25 mm
1 x Gancho de remolque hasta 3m
1 x Plancha contrachapado 498x247x2.0 mm
1 x Plancha contrachapado Abedul 600x300x0,6 mm
1 x Plancha contrachapado Abedul 600x300x6,0 mm
1 x Plancha de balsa 2,0x100x1000 mm
1 x Plancha contrachapado 498x247x1,2 mm
1 x Soporte para bridas hasta 3 mm (0,12") para tornillo M3 (10 pcs)
1 x Plancha de balsa 1,5x100x1000 mm
1 x Sistema cierre negro doble cara 20x1000 mm
1 x Liston ABS 2.0x8.0x1000 mm
1 x Cinta fibra vidrio 38 mm
1 x Tornillo M2x12 mm aluminio (4 pcs)
1 x Acople ALU M2,5 Ø 3 (2 uds)
1 x Acoplador "Z" Ø 2 (2 uds)
1 x Anclaje varilla mando Ø 1.5 mm prisionero/arandela (2 uds)
1 x Anclaje cabina de soporte horizontal "tipo F3A" (2 pcs)
1 x Brazo direccional 12 mm Ø 4 mm ( 2 uds)
1 x Anclaje cabina en L "tipo F3A" (2 pcs)
1 x Gafas Nimbus "Black"
1 x Ferrita con funda
1 x Gafas Ace
1 x Anclaje cabina de soporte vertical "tipo F3A" (2 pcs)
1 x Ferrita 17x10x6.5 mm
1 x Gafas Flitemaster
1 x Catapulta Vasa model
1 x Gafas Innovation Plus
1 x Camara USB micro endoscopica
2 x Extintor CO2 - 2 Kg
1 x Ferrita 27x14x7 mm
1 x Ferrita 14x8x5.5 mm
1 x Brazo direccional 12 mm Ø 4 mm
1 x Gafas Aspen
1 x Camara 800 TVL CMOS para FPV
1 x Conector banana oro 3 mm
1 x Acoplador de aluminio para tubo de carbono 6/M4
1 x Anemometro Xplorer1
1 x Anemometro Xplorer4
1 x Gafas Stratus
1 x Gafas Zurich Sport Sunglasse Dark Sensity MAGENTA
1 x Anemometro Xplorer3
1 x Conector banana oro 2 mm
1 x Extension silicona 30 cm hembra (Graupner)
1 x Varilla carbono 1.5 mm x 1000 mm
1 x Conjunto de mandos arriostrados
1 x Conector BEC macho (10 pcs)
1 x Horn metálico ajustable rosca M3
1 x Cable silicona 0,25 mm² negro (25 m)
1 x Conector DEANS hembra 30 cm
1 x Rotula 6 mm hexagonal con bola M3 (10 pcs)
1 x Conexion PREMIUM fuselaje/alas para 3 servos SUB-D 160 cm
1 x Conjunto bieleta 45 mm para dirección
1 x Adaptador USB para elementos Jeti DUPLEX
1 x Conector FUTABA Servo hembra BLUE silicon (10 pcs)
1 x Frenos Cuchillo 250 mm / 16 mm
1 x Cargas cohete B4-0 (6 pcs)
1 x Cable S.BUS 3 salidas 100 mm
1 x PIX Hawk con accesorios
1 x ARAMID panel nido de abeja 1300x2600x2 mm
1 x Bisagra cilíndrica 2,5 Ø x 8 x 33 mm (10 pcs)
1 x Medidor de incidencias
1 x Tubo ABS 3,0x2,0x330 mm
1 x Tubo ABS 4,0x2,0x1000 mm
1 x Carro remolque para veleros 720 x 285 mm
1 x Cartucho de humo Amarillo 65 g
1 x Cartucho de humo Amarillo 100 g
1 x Cartucho de humo Blanco 140 g
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