RM-130FSI 4-stroke inline gasoline airplane 3 cylinder

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The RM-130FSI is three cylinder inline 4 stroke gasoline engine. This engine has very low vibration and enough power for use in the model airplanes up to 4 m wingspan.

The RM-130FSI can be used in any model aircrafts. Scale and Semi-Scale model builder has waited a long time for this 4 stroke engine.

Cubic capacity: 130,0cm³
Power: 6.2kW
Static trhust: 20 Kg
Fuel consumption: 900-1300 g/h
RPM-range: 1000 - 6500 rpm
Weight: ca. 4700g
Piston Rod: Needle Bearing
Crank Shaft: Ball Bearing
Props*: 28x10" to 29x10" 2-bladed or 26x10" 3-bladed
Gasoline: regular petrol/Synth.Oel 1:40
3x processor-controlled ignition / autom. ignition point adjustment
Supply voltage ignition: 4,8 - 9,0 V

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