Mini DART 2 F3K carbon light 1m Green

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Mini Dart 2 DLG F3K carbon light (green)

Mini Dart 2 is DLG model with 1m wingspan. Wing and tail made of XPS foam with fiberglass or carbon cover and carbon fiber spar. CNC machined cores provide high quality and precision of surfaces.
Compered to previous version Mini Dart 2 have much spacious fuselage. It can accommodate even 4 cheap servos like Hextronik hxt500, reciever and battery up to 1000 mAh, so assambliing become much easier and can be much cheaper then before.
Also there are a little changes with tail. We make elevator and rudder with torsions instead of carbon pushrods. Thats why stabilisator was moved to the bottom of tailboom. Torsions allows reduce backlash for cheap servos or no professional assembliing.
Due to its small size and weight, even a child can handle this plane. Model’s dimensions allowed to fly on small areas (parkings, beaches)

Wingspan: 1 m
Wing area: 11.6 dm²
Wing airfoil: AG-45, AG-455, AG-46, AG-47
Stab. airfoil: HT-22
Stab. area: 1.3 dm²
Weight: 75 g
Flight weight: 115 g
Controls: rudder, elevator, ailerons

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