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Servo Controller Fibra optica

Servo controller based on fibre-optic transmission, allows to place e.g. throttle servo right next to the ignition without anxiety about disruptions “transfer” to the RC receiver.

Fibre-optic servo controller was designed as complement to the fibre-optic ignition cutoff. However, nothing stands on the way to exploit it independently.

The main task of controller is a possibility to place throttle servo close to the engine, so the throttle control link is short. Typically disadvantage of such installation is small servo distance and its wires from the engine ignition unit. Taking into account the adverse impact of electromagnetic noise caused by the ignition, which could get to the RC circuit, controller communicates with the receiver exclusively by fibre-optic which is resistant to electromagnetic disruptions. Thanks to that there is a minimum 30 cm distance between the ignition and the RC circuit in the model. In this case throttle servo is powered by the same package as the ignition unit.

Fibre-optic servo controller can be used also for other purposes than controlling the throttle. It will work everywhere where long wires are adversely affecting the electronics operation. With its help it is possible to control the servo move being in a significant distance or everywhere where a galvanic isolation of implementation servo elements from steering electronics is required.

FORCE Servo controller correctly works with voltage range from 3.6 V on the RC receiver side, and 3.6 V on the servo power supply side. Maximum allowed supply voltage on both sides is 16.0 V. It is necessary to remember not to exceed the allowed servo voltage, and if necessary to use appropriate voltage regulator.

FORCE Servo controller consists of the fibre-optic transmitter module plugged in the RC receiver and powered directly from it. Fibre-optic receiver module powered from the ignition battery. Fibre-optic wire*. For correct operation the device requires separate channel from the receiver (in most cases CH3).

Technical data:
Fiber Optic transmitter
– dimensions: 35mm x 11mm x 13mm
– receiver plug: Futaba, female 300mm
– power supply: 3,6V – 13,0V
* 2 – 3 x (LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe)
* 4 – 9 x (NiMh/NiCd)
– weight: ~ 10,0 gram

Fiber Optic receiver
– dimensions: 47mm x 21mm x 13 mm
– battery plug: Futaba / JR male 150mm
– servo plug: Futaba / JR male 150mm
– power supply: 3,6V – 13,0V
* 2 – 3 x (LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe)
* 4 – 9 x (NiMh/NiCd)
– weight: ~ 15,0 gram
– load capacity: constant 5 A, temporarily 30 A

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pocas unidades

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