LIBELLE Standard 3.8m D-box H-201

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Glider H-201 Standard Libelle is produced by German company GLASFLÜGEL. This glider took for the first time in 1967, bud it had a different version: The wing did not have flaps and fuselage was equipped with fixed undercarriage.

Our company produced a model of H-201 Standard Libelle, all-laminated, Scale 1 : 4. The model is designed for slope and thermic flying.

Wing span: 3850 mm
Lenght: 1560 mm
Scale: 1/4
Aerofoil: HQW 2,5/12%
Wing aerea: 67.8 m2
Flying wifht Glider aprox.: 4200g-4800g
Center of gravity: 90 mm
Nr. off control Functions: 5

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