ASH 31 Mi Scale:1/3 - 7m

¡Oferta! Financiación a 3 y 6 meses sin comisiones

Financiación disponible:
1330.99 € / mes en 3 meses
*(Coste cuota primer mes 1330.99 €)
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ASH 31 Mi Scale:1/3 - 7m

Scale 1:3
Span 7 m
Aerofoil DP - Mr.DIRK PFLUG - special for ASH 31
Length of the fusselage incude rudder 2370 mm
Length of the not cutted wing 3460 mm (include centroplane pins)
Length of the cutted wing (main) 2300 mm (include centroplane pins)
Height (max dimension) 51 cm (include tail wheel)
Weight of empty model 13,56 kg (14,12 kg with water ballast, total water volume 3 lt)
Central of Gravity 98 mm from LE
Wing area 150 dm2
Load 104-120 g/dm2
Rudder L / R 50mm
Ailerons +10/-25 mm
Flaps +3/-4 mm
Elevator +13/-11 mm

Available options:
- standard or hydraulic landing gear
- water ballast - 3 lt (1,5 lt/wing)
- motor version - SLS 22 or AFT
- divided wings (transport option - the main wing part is 224 cm long + monoblock pins, the rest is extension) or wing in one piece
- variable color scheme, your own imatriculation and rudder call sign, national flag - free of payment in basic version
- colour of the cockpit gelcoat (white, grey), cockpit stuffing colour (red, blue, grey, other)- free of payment in basic version

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