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Extravagance and performance!

The MULTIPLEX HERON is a high-performance electric glider with T-tail and high-efficiency four-flap wing. With its elegant wings and flowing fuselage lines it responds superbly to thermals. When required, the efficient PERMAX brushless motor and folding propeller (RR version) deliver plenty of propulsive power. Its docile flying characteristics and excellent performance in the air ensure that the HERON provides a maximum of flying pleasure, whether you are a weekend pilot or an 'old hand'. You can enjoy floating through the air for long periods, as well as lively aerobatics - all with elegance and precision.

The extravagant four-flap wing with its extremely stiff CFRP / ALUMINIUM tubular spar technology sets entirely new standards in the 2.40 metre span class. The flaps are a standard feature, making pin-point landings child's play, improving the launch characteristics and giving the pilot a broad performance spectrum for high speed, aerobatics and thermalling.

The Heron is available as an RR version and in kit-form.

Among the outstanding features of this ELAPOR® model are the many new, innovative and extravagant detail features which ensure that it sets new standards in its class.


Four-flap wing for high performance in the air (camber-changing flaps) and accurate spot-landings (butterfly / crow)
Broad performance spectrum: high-speed, aerobatics, thermalling
Innovative CFRP / ALUMINIUM tubular spar technology for strong, stiff wings
GRP "M-SPACE technology" for a rigid fuselage
RR version includes high-power brushless motor and folding propeller
Clear canopy with highly detailed cockpit
Detachable wings and tailplane for ease of transport

Wingspan approx.: 2400 mm
Fuselage length approx.: 1100 mm
Weight: 1500 g
Type of construction/material wing: ELAPOR
Type of construction/material fuselage: ELAPOR
Flight time: 40 min.

Box contents:
Accessories built-in/included: built-in
Motor: PERMAX Brushless-O 3516-0850
ESC: MULITIcont Brushless 40 S-BEC
Servos: 4x Tiny-S, 2x Nano-S
Propeller: 12x6"
Spinner: incl.

RC-Function/accessory recommendation:
Elevator: 1x Nano-S (incl.)
Siderudder: 1x Nano-S (incl.)
Aileron: 2x Tiny-S (incl.)
Flaps: 2x Tiny-S (incl.)
Motor: 1x MULITcont 40A (incl)

Needed to complete:
Radio: min. 5-Channel
Receiver: min. 5-Channel
Batteries: DYMOND LiPo 2200 3S
Charger: DYMOND Power 80

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temporarily out of stock

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